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Minecraft new update... on Windows 7?

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AlieOxon Wed 18-Jul-18 11:43:26

I'm playing Minecraft Java Edition on Windows 7 and it works fine... (except the new launcher, which my grandson fixed up and it only worked one time out of 3, so I went back to the old one.)

Now, today. there are supposed to be new additions, and I thought it would work as before, automatically. It hasn't.

I want the undersea stuff! and can't find out online if it will work or what to do if it will!
Can anyone help?

AlieOxon Wed 18-Jul-18 18:12:10

I went to it again ten minutes ago and it all automatically downloaded. So it works. Have I got enough memory? I don't know. It took a while to download.

I didn't try my old files. just as well, as there's now a warning to back them up. Will they still run? I still have to find out. Later.