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App to measure a walk

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mrsmopp Wed 14-Nov-18 15:07:13

I'm looking for an app where I can bring up a map of where I'm walking which will measure the length of my walk. I had one ages ago where you could drop a red 'pin' on the screen at various points on the walk and get the total distance at the end. It would really help me as I'm trying to get fit again after an illness. Just got back from a walk and have no idea how far I've gone. Any tips?

Telly Wed 14-Nov-18 15:11:47

Will be interesting to see if anyone comes back, but I use Noom. Basically it is a pedometer so it counts your steps on a daily basis. You can also use it it monitor calorie intake, weight graph etc. I have done in the past, but not so much now. It is free, but you can upgrade but I never have.

LyndaW Wed 14-Nov-18 16:08:38

Map my walk will probably do what you are after mrsmopp. Good luck in getting fit again and wishing you a good recovery!

mrsmopp Fri 16-Nov-18 01:20:11

Thanks, will give it a go.

Leavingnormal Fri 16-Nov-18 01:56:04

My iPhone has a health app which counts my steps for each 24 hour period. It also counts stairs climbed.

mrsmopp Fri 16-Nov-18 08:19:43

What app is that, please?

Delibes Fri 16-Nov-18 08:36:21

Another vote for the free app Map my Walk which will map and measure your daily walk and keep a cumulative total of your mileage.

As a general rule, a standard walking pace would be 2.5 miles per hour and a gentler pace 2 miles per hour. That is just a general rule. Stride length (and therefore distance covered) will vary depending on how tall you are but it's a general rule used by walking clubs.

Take a look online at the Walk1000 (miles) annual challenge that takes place each year run by Country Walking magazine. It isn't necessary to read or subscribe to the magazine. There is a Facebook page for people who want to chat and swap experiences but again not mandatory. 1000 miles sounds daunting but that works out at just 2.75 miles a day so just over an hour at standard walking pace.

I found it a great incentive when getting back to fitness after illness. Watching the mileage add up on the app gave me the incentive to find time to go for a walk every day and build up my strength slowly after enforced rest.

SpringyChicken Fri 16-Nov-18 08:36:31

App is short for application, MrsMopp. It’s something that you can download onto your phone. Once downloaded, an icon shows on your phone. There are apps for every topic imaginable. Having an iPhone, I browse the Apple App Store for mine. Many are free, others you buy.
Some of the apps I have on my phone including travel-for train journeys, unit conversion- length, weight, foreign currency etc, TV guide, shop apps, bbc news, weather.

mrsmopp Fri 16-Nov-18 17:53:15

I know what an app is, spring chicken, I was asking Leavingnormal which app she was using. My phone is a Sony and I thought it would be handy to take on my walk with a map on my screen, then it would tell me at the end how fat I've walked. Something quite basic, not complex, I'm not training for a marathon. 🙂

Madgran77 Fri 16-Nov-18 17:58:50

Endomondo is good too

SpringyChicken Fri 16-Nov-18 18:26:48

Sorry MysMopp, I was having a senior moment! Duh

travelsafar Fri 16-Nov-18 18:29:35

I use to use mapmyrun when i went running a couple of years ago.It told you exactly how far you had walked or ran and gave you the calories burnt if you imput certain information relating to your height and weight if i remember correctly.Well done you for getting out there and getting fit again.

mrsmopp Sat 17-Nov-18 00:08:50

Springchicken, it's OK 🙂

Leavingnormal Sat 17-Nov-18 04:27:36

Hi mrsmopp

The app came with my iphone and is white with a red love heart on it. Below the app the word ‘health’.

I just looked up ‘iPhone health app’ and its an Apple Mac app.

I also looked up Sony health app and found out there is an app called Lifelog which sounds to be pretty much the same.

TerryM Sat 17-Nov-18 05:46:47

Sounds like it would be a great app mrsmopp
I am looking at getting the swim fitbit to measure my walking in the local pool.

Menopaws Sat 17-Nov-18 06:56:52

Mapmywalk is very good on my phone

NfkDumpling Sat 17-Nov-18 07:01:29

I have an Huawei phone with EE and its got a Health app already on it. It tells me my paces for the day and can map and measure a walk (even gives a count down if you’re timing yourself). I like it as it can be paused when I get to the pub. You do have to turn on your location for it to work!

Dianalou Sat 17-Nov-18 09:27:47

View ranger is good, as it is based on OS maps so helpful for navigating. It is not free, though.
Map my walk is fine for a basic map of where you’ve been and the distance.