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First Passport - Anyone Had Photos Rejected?

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emiliedaniel Wed 21-Nov-18 09:54:11

We had T's passport photos rejected as apparently there was red eye (not that we could see it...). I've now had them re-taken professionally, so they should be fine, but does anyone know if I have to have one countersigned again? My friend who is an Accountant & signed the first set is away till next month & I need to get the photos re-submitted before the 30th Jan, or they keep our fee & I'll have to pay again.

Can anyone advise?

Telly Thu 17-Jan-19 11:36:22

I had one rejected because I was wearing my very light framed glasses. I had them redone and it was amazing, the light erased every line, looked nothing like me, but that was fine!

Jane10 Thu 17-Jan-19 11:23:11

For some insane reason my digital passport photo is rejected because, apparently, my mouth is open. It is definitely not. It has been retaken by the photo place several times and my mouth is grimly clamped shut but its still open according to the bleep bleep passport renewal website. The pic is absolutely appalling BTW. I look about 120 and homeless. ( no disrespect to homeless people intended, I just look like a rough sleeper)

paddyann Thu 17-Jan-19 11:12:29

We've been taking passport photos for decades and never had any problems with them.Until recently when they get rejected for the stupidest reasons.We had one woman who returned to have retakes 4 times and to be honest the one that was acceted at last was no different to the others.We have now stopped taking passports pictures in the run up to our retirement

MiniMoon Thu 17-Jan-19 11:02:01

I accidentally destroyed my paper driving licence. Applied for a new one online and they retrieved my photo from my passport, along with my signature. Isn't modern technology wonderful?😀

Nata Thu 17-Jan-19 10:54:26

>I had lots of photos rejected when I used the online system that had just (then) been introduced. Even though they all looked more or less the same, the reasons were many and various. I particularly liked your head appears to be too small. grin
That made me laugh out loud :D

Is it really that hard to apply online? I submitted 2 applications online ( for DH and myself) and they were accepted at once. Although, I did use Passport Photo Maker program to crop and edit photos a little.

EllanVannin Wed 26-Dec-18 14:10:46

I've always smiled, but not the big toothy grin smile. Accepted.

mrsmopp Wed 26-Dec-18 13:32:12

Mine was rejected because they said I was smiling. I wasn't. Maybe you have to look miserable?

grandtanteJE65 Wed 19-Dec-18 18:27:50

My passport photo was accepted, although the clerk in the office was uncertain whether it would be, because IF YOU BLEW IT UP TO SIX TIMES THE SIZE OF A PASSPORT PHOTO you could see that my lips were not tightly pressed together in the unsmiling, unattractive pose required these days.

Can you beat it?

1974cookie Sat 24-Nov-18 17:27:36

I would say to anyone, have any ID photographs done professionally. I needed one for my Driving License and visited a local shop, the sort that process your photos and also print them on mugs etc.
I did not know about my fringe getting in the way, but the young Lady who took the photographs did, and I had to adjust my fringe accordingly. Also, she made measurements to make sure that my photo was within the specifications demanded. I had no problem when I sent it to the DVLA.

Welshwife Sat 24-Nov-18 16:54:17

Happened to DH - he had an ear partly cut off! Fault of the booth they said but luckily we had gone in person to do a four hour turn around renewal. They had a booth in the office and the quality of that photo was far superior ( and he had two full ears!)

TerriBull Sat 24-Nov-18 15:56:04

Yes that happened to me because I had too much fringe apparently, so I had another one done with most of my hair pushed back off my face. The accepted one doesn't actually look like me, but at least I look quite young in it.

etheltbags1 Sat 24-Nov-18 14:50:36

It took 9 months to get my passport. Not my fault tho. I was glad i booked 10 months early for my holiday

etheltbags1 Sat 24-Nov-18 14:49:27

I renewed mine in 2016 after not having one for 30 years. I had professional photos taken but the guy who signed did it wrong. I then got some cheap photos from a booth

they were rejected. The next lot were again signed wrongly the next lot were accepted. Mt friend is 90 and was not reading the guidelines.

Bizzybee Sat 24-Nov-18 10:34:45

My late husband took my photo ,we thought it was perfect .The exact size and full face etc etc.......
It was rejected . He took about 15 photos in total and it was always the same causes for rejection , the main one being my hair line .. We just couldn't understand it. We spent hours doing this.
In the end we pressed the button. Saying we disagreed that the photo was unsuitable and listed all their
faults which you could see were wrong ........ Photo accepted..... Don't give up.

Luckygirl Fri 23-Nov-18 09:12:10

It always makes me smile, this list of who could countersign - as if education, or ordination automatically turn you into an honest person - I wish!

Maggiemaybe Fri 23-Nov-18 08:32:54

I had lots of photos rejected when I used the online system that had just (then) been introduced. Even though they all looked more or less the same, the reasons were many and various. I particularly liked your head appears to be too small. grin By this time DH had taken about 50 photos and wouldn’t play any more, so I snapped a selfie against our off-white bathroom wall, and it was accepted, hurrah! When the passport arrived the background was quite a bright blue and more than one official has wondered why it was approved. smile

I do know someone who’s had a professional photo rejected even after paying for the checking service. With so many people being allowed to countersign these days, I’d just find another signatory to avoid any delays later.

NfkDumpling Fri 23-Nov-18 07:18:31

It did take considerable persistence to get the photos right - by the time we got them accepted we’d both got so fed up we looked like old lags having mug shots. I’m just thankful they’re quite small in the passport.

It would have been better to have gone to a photo booth and apparently obtained a number which you fill in on the form. Otherwise it was a painless way to do it.

MiniMoon Wed 21-Nov-18 23:32:06

We tried to do it online last year, and failed miserably. We went to the Post Office, and they took them, I had to remove my spectacles. We didn't need them countersigned, the Post Office did it all there and then as we'd already filled in the firm's and taken them with us.

NfkDumpling Wed 21-Nov-18 21:30:55

We’ve just renewed our passports on line. (Haven’t had the new ones back yet). We went to our DS’s house to take the photos as he has nice plain magnolia walls and good lighting with windows front and back. We thought. We both had our photos, taken on an iPad, rejected several times before we got them accepted by which time it was getting dark and our expressions becoming more like police mug shots. Shadow was the problem, and getting the lighting even.

Apart from that the on-line application was really easy. Obviously a new passport will need more information but it was certainly more reassuring to do on line and know the photo was ok straight away.

absent Wed 21-Nov-18 21:17:52

No – but I really wish they had.

sodapop Wed 21-Nov-18 21:16:20

I know how you feel Gillybob my pic makes me look like someone from Prisoner Cell Block H.

gillybob Wed 21-Nov-18 17:03:58

I had my last passport photos rejected twice ! My DH got his straight back . I felt like writing to them asking “ what the hell do you want ?” . I can’t see a single difference in the last rejected ones to the finally accepted ones . Same ugly mug, same straight face confused

BlueBelle Wed 21-Nov-18 15:53:31

I had my last photos rejected as they said I was smiling Well I couldn’t see no smile
I think you will need to find someone to sign it or they ll send it back again

M0nica Wed 21-Nov-18 14:51:01

I had my photos at Timpsons and they were sent through and approved directly from the shop. No signature required.
I was renewing my passport, not getting a one for the first time.

Buffybee Wed 21-Nov-18 10:27:56

Google: who can countersign a passport photo.
There is a list of qualified people.
I was a licensee and was asked to do this regularly but there are lots of other professions who are allowed.