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Problem signing in

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rascal Thu 24-Jan-19 11:22:49

I can sign into Gransnet forums on my laptop and I'm able to post. Unfortunately I can't sign in on my Android phone. I have been trying all sorts of variations on my phone to see if it will let me sign in but I still can't. I have even tried to delete Gransnet shortcut on my phone and reinstate it while logged into Gransnet on my laptop but that doesn't work either. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks for any help. flowers

B9exchange Sat 26-Jan-19 22:53:36

Have you ever been able to sign in? I get the daily posts in my email on my android phone, and that takes me straight in. Can you access it without signing in, just at

Tanjaddaniel Wed 24-Jul-19 11:27:55

Message deleted by Gransnet. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.