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Jobey68 Tue 29-Jan-19 19:43:12

We’ve only recently had ours fitted so no issues yet but was at my nieces house earlier when hers did it around 4 pm, she said it’s a regular occurrence so I shall wait and see if it happens to ours in due course

Treebee Tue 29-Jan-19 19:04:30

Oo er. Ours dropped out today at ten past five and DH reset it. He said it happened a month ago when I was out.
Don’t know why though but it’s reassuring that it’s not just us!

ninathenana Tue 29-Jan-19 17:24:32

Does anyone else have trouble with their box "dropping out" ? Ours does this 2-3 times a week usually about 5pm. This may be just for a minute or two and then resumes by it's self or it may involve resetting the Sky box. Broadband is not interrupted when this happens.
Anyone got any ideas please ?