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Luckylegs9 Wed 06-Feb-19 21:19:58

Having changed phone providers I need a new free email provider. I have an I phone and an I pad. Can you recommend a secure one please. Is it easy to do, I haven't a clue.

FlexibleFriend Wed 06-Feb-19 21:29:59

I use and you can have multiple accounts if you want.

sodapop Wed 06-Feb-19 21:34:36

I use Gmail and Yahoo. As FlexibleFriend said you can have multiple accounts with Gmail.

NanaMacGeek Wed 06-Feb-19 22:59:03

You shouldn't need to change your email address because you've changed your phone provider. I don't know your circumstances but it would be unusual to have to set up a new email address because of this.

As long as you know your email address and password from when you set up your original email account, you should be able to transfer the information to your new devices and carry on using the same address. Look up 'adding my email account to iPad and iPhone' on YouTube.

If you don't like your old email provider, you could open a second account from a different provider and run them side by side for a while so you have time to transfer contacts and emails you want to keep to the new one.

When setting up a new account you will be asked for a password and other information such as a backup mobile phone number for additional security. Make sure that you keep an accurate record of such information and keep it safe. Do not use the same password for both accounts.

Luckylegs9 Thu 07-Feb-19 11:55:02

Thank you very much for your help.

jusnoneed Thu 07-Feb-19 12:36:07

I set up a Yahoo email for a second one some time back, after switching BB and wanted to lose old BT one. I now use it for nearly all my email and only use the providers one for their actual messages.

Pittcity Thu 07-Feb-19 12:46:29

I have emails to previous addresses forwarded to my latest one. This saves having to log in and out of several accounts.
If in doubt about anything techy I ask a friendly teenager!

EllanVannin Thu 07-Feb-19 13:08:46

Although I use gmail as my primary email I have used Yahoo with everything on my old laptop, but---------I haven't been able to transfer/migrate emails etc from the old laptop to the new one which I'm using now.
As a consequence the old laptop must have about a thousand emails ( unread ) because the battery has all but finished and it's been so frustrating at times not being able to " fix " this Yahoo account on my Win10 from a Vista7.

NanaMacGeek Thu 07-Feb-19 17:18:42

EllanVanin, you can access your Yahoo emails and manage them via the internet using your web browser on your new laptop. Type ' email login' into the search bar. Login using your Yahoo email address and Yahoo email password. You can forward the emails you want to keep from your Yahoo account to gmail although you should be able just add your Yahoo credentials to your email client on Windows 10. Perhaps you may need to add some additional server settings (you may need to look these up) to get it working on your laptop though.

jillyco Thu 07-Feb-19 18:18:25

The exception to this is BT - if you move away from them, they will close your BT email unless you sign up to Premium Mail, which involves a monthly fee.

Scribbles Thu 07-Feb-19 19:13:51

I use and - both free, offering multiple accounts and very simple to set up and use.

stree Fri 08-Feb-19 22:04:19

Another vote for I believe you can have up to 6 accounts. I use it as a backup account, main one is Gmail.

grannyactivist Fri 08-Feb-19 22:09:56

I have had a hotmail address for years - until I got an email last week, apparently sent from my own email address remotely (it wasn't otherwise it would have appeared in my 'sent' mail) and quoting my password.
I have now changed my email provider and notified most of my contacts to block then delete my hotmail address.

annep1 Fri 08-Feb-19 23:08:19

I got 150 email responses for messages I hadn't sent and someone accessed my facebook. I changed all my passwords and payment details et to be on the safe side. Also closed facebook and changed email. Now use gmail. But mostly use whatsapp anyway.