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tiredoldwoman Wed 27-Mar-19 14:30:43

Yet another computer problem . When I send e mails , instead of my initials and e mail , it's says it's from 'A Name ' . I checked my profile and it's all tickety boo but e mailed myself and it said to ' A Name ' from 'A Name ' .
What the heck has happened here ?

rosecarmel Wed 27-Mar-19 14:33:00

Yahoo? Gmail?

tiredoldwoman Wed 27-Mar-19 14:38:20


B9exchange Wed 27-Mar-19 15:40:03

Would this help?

tiredoldwoman Wed 27-Mar-19 16:43:46

All sorted . I deleted my grandsons x box connection , it was him trying to change things to buy extra games on my account . Microsoft/ Outlook stepped in and resolved things . Lesson learnt .