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Cannot email my photos from my iPhone

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SueH49 Thu 18-Apr-19 07:32:36

Hello Everyone,
I have taken some photos with my iPhone and want to send them to my Laptop. In the past I have emailed them to myself and saved them in my pictures. Every now and again though for reasons unknown to me the email sent from me to me does not arrive they just sit in my Outbox on the phone.
Any idea as to why this is happening?

Beechnut Thu 18-Apr-19 07:44:54

No I don’t SueH49, but why don’t you transfer them using the charging cable. That is what I do.

Moongirl Thu 18-Apr-19 07:45:49

You probably need to be on WiFi and have a good connection.

damiendada Mon 06-May-19 23:21:32

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crazyH Mon 06-May-19 23:30:10

Sue, I have a great app called 'send anywhere' have to download this app on your iPhone and laptop. Then just follow the instructions for sending and receiving

crazyH Mon 06-May-19 23:30:51

No cables required, just wifi

blondenana Mon 06-May-19 23:35:21

Bluetooth on your phone pair with bluetooth on your computer and then just transfer via bluetooth,
Just point your phone at the computer and follow instructions

ElaineI Tue 07-May-19 10:25:10

Bluetooth is easiest or you could use iMessage if the laptop is apple - you haven't said if it is. The photos might be too big and need reduced in size to email.
Do you connect the iPhone to the laptop for updating as you can also do it that way.
You could look up the apple store online for advice or google the question.
Or visit nearest apple store to ask.