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No longer getting alerts of pms through GN

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NanKate Thu 09-May-19 14:48:21

Up until recently whenever anyone pmd me I got an email from GN telling me so. The last few pms I only found as I happened to check the Inbox, I got no Email alert. Has this happened to you ?

Charleygirl5 Thu 09-May-19 14:55:22

No, I received two this afternoon. I do not understand why it has happened to you.

Marydoll Thu 09-May-19 15:27:39

Kate, I sent you a PM today! Hope you got it!!!

NanKate Thu 09-May-19 16:15:57

Hi Mary have only just seen your lovely pm to me but had not been alerted!

I think I will contact HQ Charleygirl

Jane10 Thu 09-May-19 16:53:22

I found one that had gone straight to spam. They never used to.

NanKate Thu 09-May-19 17:13:55

I’ve checked spam but none there.

HootyMcOwlface Thu 09-May-19 18:18:28

I used to get an email each morning with current discussions on, but haven’t had one for a week or so.

TwiceAsNice Thu 09-May-19 18:30:39

I always get an email if I have a pm and a daily email about popular topics that day

Wellyboot Thu 09-May-19 19:05:34

Me too Hooty - and I miss my daily message. Short of cancelling and starting again - not too sure how we get the daily message reinstated. Any ideas anyone?

Alima Thu 09-May-19 19:16:02

Those of you not getting the email check out a post from Cari on Site Stuff, only just looked at it but cannot remember the thread title, duh! It is about changing the email provider or something.

NanKate Thu 09-May-19 19:18:15

I’ve sent HQ a query. I will report back.

Wellyboot Sun 12-May-19 16:45:59

Aw thank you NanKate