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Epilators vs threading

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Lindsay10 Thu 30-May-19 13:09:55

I'd be grateful for any advice/shared experience. I find threading effective (though painful), but I dislike being groomed in public. Can an epilator (used at home) deal with both fuzz and individual 'sprouters'? Are some models better value than others?
Thank you for any input.

Singlegrannie Thu 30-May-19 13:13:43

I use an epilator on my legs.I don't find it painful but I'm not very hairy !

Nata Wed 19-Jun-19 09:01:42

An epilator is fine for my legs and armpits. I have been using it for more than 10 years. But no way I get it close to my bikini area, too painful.

Charleygirl5 Wed 19-Jun-19 09:07:55

I have my eyebrows threaded in public which I loathe but it is very cheap.

Maggiemaybe Wed 19-Jun-19 09:22:51

I’d enthusiastically recommend an epistick, available from just 98p - including postage! - from Amazon (I’m sure other sellers are available). Just google it, and check out the thousands of other positive reviews.

M0nica Thu 20-Jun-19 08:53:27

Why do you talk about being groomed in public ? I visit a beautician who carries out all beauty treatments, including threading and electrolysis (which is what I have ) in her private treatment room. I also have my eyebrows tinted and shaped - again done in a private treatment room.

I wouldn't consider any alternative.

sodapop Thu 20-Jun-19 09:01:02

MOnica there are beauty treatments available in shopping malls but as Charleygirl5 says they are not in salons but set up in the open space. I have seen this in the North of England so assume it must take place everywhere.
I had my eyebrows threaded but ever since then they have grown outwards so would not do it again.

Charleygirl5 Thu 20-Jun-19 09:25:47

In my local shopping mall only £3 is charged to have one's eyebrows threaded. People are queuing up to have it done and some brave folk have lips and chin threaded also but that really is too public a place.

Maggiemaybe Thu 20-Jun-19 11:03:32

I have occasionally been caught out at red lights tweezering my chin in the vanity mirror. As a passenger, I hasten to add. smile

Loislovesstewie Thu 20-Jun-19 13:26:14

I have an epilator and use it on my legs and face. I think that the more that you use it, the less it hurts. I do have my eyebrows threaded but have had the whole of my face threaded and that is really lovely. The face feels so smooth. If you do get an epilator then I would suggest that you get one of the big brands. I have a Phillips and it's lasted ages.

Mamissimo Thu 20-Jun-19 15:57:41

I’ve used a Braun facial epilator and face cleansing gizmo for ages and am very happy with it. The well known internet giant sells a range of come with more attachments than others. I find it cleanses off makeup brilliantly, deals with the fuzz and those brambles that come from nowhere! If I remember correctly they’re about £40.

M0nica Fri 21-Jun-19 07:43:12

Just because there are some beauty facilities in public, it doesn't mean that all are and if you do not like having beauty treatments in public, go to a beautician who has her own private facilities

cc Fri 21-Jun-19 10:12:15

I did have an epilator but found that I had a problem with ingrowing hairs on my legs - didn't use it on my face.

gillyknits Fri 21-Jun-19 13:40:03

I have an epilator specifically for facial use . I use it on the peach-like fuzz on my cheeks and a slight moustache. It hurts a bit but only like plucking with tweezers. As I have a very sensitive skin it leaves me with itchy blotches for a few hours afterwards. (I wouldn’t use it just before going out in case someone thought I had a contagious rash! )
Don’t think I would use it on eyebrows, as it would be difficult to remove individual hairs like threading! Might end up with no eyebrows. Eek!

harrysgran Fri 21-Jun-19 16:00:49

I am also a big fan of the epistick takes a bit of practice but once you get used to it pretty painless quick and easy

Jana Fri 21-Jun-19 17:15:44

I use sugaring. I make my own using lemon juice, sugar and water. One small container lasts about a year. I use it about once a month. I did have electrolysis years ago which was very successful, although I needed lots of treatments and I spent over £1000. Unfortunately it all grew back after menopause.

Theoddbird Fri 21-Jun-19 18:10:46

I regret continually tweezing my brows out totally in the early seventies....loved the look. It left me with sparse brows...sighs... Oh to have a brow problem....

Charleygirl5 Fri 21-Jun-19 18:34:24

Theoddird I have two hedges if I allowed them to grow. It cost me £3 this pm to have my eyebrows threaded.

grannyqueenie Fri 21-Jun-19 18:36:09

maggiemaybe, you’re not the only one.....I always spot a sprouter that I've missed! 😬

Barmeyoldbat Fri 21-Jun-19 21:05:46

I have mine waxed, in a private room but I have undertaken the treatment when in SE Asia in a public room with others having their done. Tried threading but hated it.