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New laptop

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H1954 Thu 13-Jun-19 14:57:34

We're looking to update our "dinosaur" laptop and wondered what people on GN might recommend. Not fussed about manufacturer but do need something robust and suitably quick.

shysal Thu 13-Jun-19 15:29:37

All of my 6 grandchildren love their Chromebooks, some of which were also provided by their schools when they were there. Seems to me they would have to be pretty trouble-free for schools.
I have an elderly HP pavillion on Windows 8, which has never let me down, but GCs would probably laugh at it!

Septimia Thu 13-Jun-19 16:28:32

I wouldn't be without my Macbook. I've used Macs for more than 20yrs and wouldn't go back to a PC if I could help it.
Trouble is, Macs cost an arm and a leg!

avery55 Mon 15-Jul-19 00:36:34

Hi, I agree the Macbooks are really good but cost an arm and a leg.

Nellie098 Mon 15-Jul-19 14:44:50

I am a Windows person myself but before you rush out and buy a new laptop write yourself a list of what your needs are.
1. What is the most I am willing to pay?
2. What am I going to use my laptop for i.e. just surfing the net or perhaps editing pictures, making movies, writing letters? There are many free internet programmes to download so you don't have to spend a fortune on, for example, a Word/Excel package unless it is your priority.
3. Do I need a laptop with a separate numbers pad?
4. Will I need to buy additional equipment. When I bought a new Windows desktop and laptop about 18 months ago I had to have new speakers, printer, mouse (and perhaps a dvd player as few have built in players now) because the old ones wouldn't work with Windows.
5. Spend time looking at sites such as Techradar and if a library member they have Which magazine and also you can check out computer magazines for free on their sites.
6. If interested in Windows do you have a local Microsoft repairer as they will often have good second hand machines for a low price.
7. I had my desktop p.c. built to my specifications by a company I have used in the past at a cost of about £500 and they were also able to sell me a 13 inch reconditioned laptop which runs perfectly well for around £200.00.
8. If you are unsure how to use Windows the library offer free help and I am sure there are other places as well.
I hope this advice will be helpful.