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Computer mouse and arthritis

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Wolfie59 Thu 25-Jul-19 10:42:50

Hi everyone, I'm a working Gran, and am starting to suffer quite badly from what they call 'trigger finger'. It's continual repetitive use of the index finger when using my computer mouse at work. It doesn't affect my wrist, or the rest of my hand. My Company have said if I can find a special mouse they will buy it, but I'm bamboozled by the choices of computer Mice(?) for arthritis and most of them seem to be for wrist or whole hand problems. I use a PC not a laptop. Does anyone have any practical experience of this, and what mouse did they buy to alleviate the problem?

GrandmaMoira Thu 25-Jul-19 10:50:01

I find using a very small mouse helps. A standard size mouse is very uncomfortable for me. When I was still working I learnt to use the middle rather than the index finger for most things. I also used splints. I was given them by the Hand Therapist but you can buy them on Amazon. I also found a separate small keyboard much easier when typing than the standard PC keyboard. If you can't find something that suits you, you can ask Access to Work (run by the DWP) to do an assessment.

Septimia Thu 25-Jul-19 10:55:46

You can get a touchpad thing to use instead of a mouse, like the ones on laptops but larger. I know they were available for Macs but I don't know if they work with PCs.

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Jul-19 11:17:00

I am left handed and got to the stage I ould not use the mouse because of pain. I moved it to my right hand to allow my left to become pain free and that appears to work. A few weeks using each hand is fine for me but I am not at work but I am rarely off this apparatus.

jaylucy Thu 25-Jul-19 11:17:39

An ergonomic vertical mouse is what one of my colleagues used who had the same problem. It's a bit weird to use to start off but surprisingly comfortable.
You don't need to use much pressure to use it at all.
You can get them from Amazon for various prices, just read peoples reviews to choose the right one for you

Angelique Thu 25-Jul-19 11:51:00

I have arthritic hands and have used a track ball for years.

It depends very much on which digits are affected and how badly, for instance, those track balls where the thumb is used are useless for me. Also whether there are any wrist problems.

- Angela