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Blooming passwords!

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Luckygirl Sat 10-Aug-19 17:47:15

Why is it that every tiny little thing you try and do on the net demands that you create passwords!? It drives me nuts! I can't buy a pair of knickers without having to create a password!!! Grrrr!

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 10-Aug-19 18:02:27


Had to rescue DH last night. He doesn't use IT much - Hates it except for YouTube.

He wanted new brushes for an angle grinder. Logged onto eBay. Password needed. Found company that sold them. Create an account please. Password needed. Ordered brushes. Paid with paypal. Password needed. He'd given at the second hurdle.

Thank goodness passwords can be saved now. Finished off sale for him. Also showed him how to find the passwords on the computer.

Chances are, he'll forget this.

ninathenana Sat 10-Aug-19 18:24:36

Damn frustrating isn't it. I've given up trying to buy stuff because of this.
I have a little blue book with my passwords. I know we are advised not to do this but hey !

MissAdventure Sat 10-Aug-19 18:27:01

The annoying thing is that you have a password you'll remember, but oh no! That's not good enough. It has to have a capital, a special symbol, a number, until it bears no resemblance to the original password.

Liz46 Sat 10-Aug-19 18:35:11

I've got mine written down in codes but the codes are so good I usually can't crack them!

M0nica Sat 10-Aug-19 18:56:57

I will not buy from a company that requires me to register and put in a password. Most shopping sites now offer the opportunity to pay as a 'guest' and that is what I do.

janeainsworth Sat 10-Aug-19 19:07:09

If you use LastPass to store your passwords you have only to remember one password, the one which accesses LastPass itself.

phoenix Sat 10-Aug-19 19:07:12

I know you're not supposed to do this, but I have the passwords for various things written down in an A to Z index book blush

merlotgran Sat 10-Aug-19 19:29:01

I used to disguise mine as names with a false address in my address book until the year I sent one of them a Christmas card. blush

phoenix Sat 10-Aug-19 19:49:42

merlot grin

I used to disguise pin numbers by putting something like "I owe Annie £15.49" on a scrap of paper in my wallet until I could be sure that I could remember them.

RedRidingHood Sat 10-Aug-19 23:17:28

I have mine written in code.
I usually use the initial letters of a long song or book title.
I read somewhere that the safest password is three random words. Obviously a password manager is best but it takes a lot of setting up.

sharon103 Sat 10-Aug-19 23:46:02

That's a clever idea phoenix. I'll do that.