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Getting the sound back on a PC

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grandtanteJE65 Wed 09-Oct-19 13:41:04

Since I updated from Windows 7 to 10 I cannot get any sound on my PC.

I have checked that I have the lastest update, which I do, but cannot find a way of sorting this issue.

Surfing the net I realised that this is a common problem, but nothing I could find there works.

Does anyone have a fool-proof remedy?

Nellie098 Wed 09-Oct-19 14:44:09

When you go into Settings, System, Sound what do you see? Does it show your speakers? Is the volume at 100%.
Then when you go into the sound control (mine is bottom right of screen) is the volume control turned up there? If you have checked all of these and still nothing happens have you any other computer speakers you could plug in and try? If you have speakers have you disconnected and reconnected? If you have taken all these steps and nothing happens would need to look into it further.

NanaMacGeek Wed 09-Oct-19 14:57:00

You may need to update your audio Drivers. Even with updates to a W10 laptop, I had to update some drivers. I downloaded an app that checked for updated drivers on my Windows PC.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 14-Oct-19 16:27:53

Yes, Nellie, I have checked Settings and the volume is shown as 100%and is shown as the same level when I check at the bottom of the screen.

I have tried the fault-finding menu repeatedly and am told every time that there is nothing wrong. Likewise when I checked for updates, the message back is that I have the most recent updates.

I don't have external speakers,

Nana, which app did you download? I have tried to find some, but cannot afford the prices of restoro or tweakbit

NanaMacGeek Tue 15-Oct-19 10:18:08

grandtanteJE65, I downloaded DriverDR, which is free. I would Google 'update windows 10 drivers for xxxxxxxx laptop', where xxxxxxxx is the make of your laptop, just in case DriverDr does not list your make of laptop.

Nellie098 Tue 15-Oct-19 19:06:31

Hope by now you have the sound back on your laptop. If not there is a good Youtube video for no sound for Windows which has a number of options to work through.

BradfordLass72 Wed 16-Oct-19 00:23:45

Firstly, do you have an icon in your toolbar (bottom right of screen) showing a little speaker? Does it have a cross against it?
Look on your keyboard, right at the top - do you have a similar 'speaker icon' there too? When you press that, does the cross next the the toolbar go away?
Test the sound if it foes, to see if this has fixed it.

Be aware that some video clips on website have an automatic "off" - you'll see the speaker icon with a line through it or a cross next to it. Lack of sound in this case is their fault, not yours. You need to click on the speaker to activate it.

Then you can try this.....

Go to Settings and put "audio" into the Search box (if you haven't already tried).

Then click on Choose your Input Device (left side bar).
Check that the options given are really for the device you are using.
Then click on "Choose your Output Device'. and do the same.
Follow all the options for activating sounds - and I apologise if you've followed this route already.

I've just changed to Win 10, had the same problem and found I had to re-do the audio like this.

Let us know how it goes.

Nellie098 Wed 16-Oct-19 15:23:55

I have just seen today an article on not having sound on Windows 10 is on the HowtoGeek site and again, like Youtube, it runs through lots of different options to try.

absthame Thu 24-Oct-19 00:20:34

If you have no luck with everything else then download and install VLC player. Assuming the hardware is OK you should find using it works. It is not a fix but is often a good workaround

oluwademilade Thu 31-Oct-19 13:20:20

There are several options to try if you seek, have you managed to find a solution?

JackyB Thu 31-Oct-19 15:04:07

If all else fails, try conctinga bluetooth speaker or headphones. My laptop has a dicky soundcard but playing the sound via Bluetooth seems to override this and the sound quality is better anyway.

JackyB Thu 31-Oct-19 15:05:32

...connecting... (sorry)