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Keeping my IPad screen clean

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NanKate Wed 30-Oct-19 08:35:21

My screen gets so mucky after just a day or two. I use an ordinary glass cleaner which removes about 90% of the smears. What do you use please ?

Gymstagran Wed 30-Oct-19 08:52:37

I use lens wipes, as they dont scratch the surface , but I've just read the box and it suggests using Smartphone wipes and tablet wipes. Must admit I've never looked for them.

Auntieflo Wed 30-Oct-19 09:35:28

I just use a barely damp microfibre cloth, then wipe it with another. Keeps it clean.
I didn't think you should use lens wipes on IPad screens, but I may have got that wrong 😕

cornergran Wed 30-Oct-19 10:00:45

Same as Auntieflo, just damp enough to get the smears off and then an immediate polish. Sometimes I’m horrified at the state of the screen hmm.

sodapop Wed 30-Oct-19 12:28:56

Me too cornergran can't possibly be me leaving bits of chocolate stuck to the case and screen grin

Sussexborn Wed 30-Oct-19 12:34:22

My iPad was a health hazard until the GSs were old enough to have iPhones.

I use a multi purpose cloth with the nubbly bits. The name escapes me.

I am beginning to think Aldara wiped my vocabulary along with the cancer cells.

FlexibleFriend Wed 30-Oct-19 12:57:11

Wet wipe.

SueDonim Wed 30-Oct-19 13:15:53

Either wipes made for glasses (but they're not good environmentally) or glasses cleaner and a soft cloth.

Missfoodlove Wed 30-Oct-19 13:45:36

A minuscule part of white vinegar and water and polish with a soft clean cloth.
Glass cleaners leave a residue that builds up, they should not be used.

Teacheranne Fri 01-Nov-19 00:29:00

I use the same method as I use with my glasses - I breathe on it then wipe the mist off with whatever T-shirt I am wearing - works perfectly every time !

NanKate Fri 01-Nov-19 06:40:14

Thanks folks for your useful suggestions.