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Tablet not syncing,

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loopyloo Sun 03-Nov-19 17:54:11

My Samsung galaxy tablet stopped syncing the other day and so neither of my email addresses work. Although still receiving them ok on other devices. Have tried switching tablet off and on but no luck.
Any ideas?

sodapop Sun 03-Nov-19 18:58:11

Yes my Gmail has stopped too - help.

Willow500 Sun 03-Nov-19 20:23:49

My husband seems to have this issue every 3 months or so - it happened yesterday and although I was able to log into his e-mail online none of his devices (android phone, iPad, laptop and Amazon tablet) would sync. I changed his password online and it finally filtered through the servers to his devices once those passwords had been changed but it took several hours. It might be worth trying that if your mail works online.