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jeanie99 Wed 13-Nov-19 17:26:14

As anyone downloaded season 8 GOT for free.

Labaik Wed 13-Nov-19 18:19:45

No; I'm waiting for the dvd...

jeanie99 Wed 13-Nov-19 18:43:25

I've seen a number of sites claiming free downloads but being an old cynic wonder what the catch is.

SonnyM55 Thu 14-Nov-19 20:56:26

dont bother with GOT season 8. it is bad......

Fennel Fri 15-Nov-19 14:10:58

I've never watched GOT, but believe it's to blame for the current fashion of owning beautiful husky dogs. So many round here, in the middle of town, with owners who can't control them.
They're so strong, need to be pulling sledges in Alaska instead of nearly pulling down the feeble owners who have them on leashes.
Poor creatures, I've read that rescue centres are full of them.

jeanie99 Tue 19-Nov-19 21:51:51

Sony don't say that!!

Labaik Wed 20-Nov-19 20:42:25

Not having seen it yet I'm dreading watching series 8 because I know I'm going to see many much loved characters die. But it's still the best thing I've ever watched. As is often the case when something has been so good the ending is often a disappointment. jeanie99; we must have a chat about it when we've both watched it. I agree about the popularity of huskies but that isn't the fault of the programme makers, really. And I cried buckets when Nymeria' returned' in the last series. When I get the dvd in December I shall be binge watching it!

FearlessSwiftie Wed 18-Dec-19 10:47:00

Probably I`m the one who hasn`t seen it yet... Gosh, gotta to it right away

tanith Wed 18-Dec-19 12:00:47

Anyone tell how I can watch season 8 I’d really like to watch it having binge watched the rest over a few months.

BBbevan Wed 18-Dec-19 19:52:56

We had someone living near us with a Husky. It was left alone most of the day and had the most eerie howl.