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Apple watch for seniors

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Mollygirl Sun 22-Dec-19 10:50:36

Just wondering if anyone has experience of using an Apple Watch? I know they are very popular with my adult children but would like to know if you have experience as a senior. I would mainly use it so that I don’t miss phone calls when I’m away from my mobile as I also have hearing difficulties. The fall detection also would seem to be very useful. I don’t go to the gym so obviously wouldn’t use the fitness apps. Does anyone have experience with this watch and, if so, have you found it worth the cost?

Pittcity Sun 22-Dec-19 13:03:26

I have the Samsung equivalent and have turned off everything except the clock and notifications. It vibrates when my phone rings and for messages, newsflashes etc. when I am wearing it. I was always missing calls before I got it.
I bought mine brand new on eBay for half the recommended price.
Worth every penny.

Mollygirl Sun 22-Dec-19 20:53:10

Thank you, that’s good to hear.

Humbertbear Sun 22-Dec-19 21:40:03

I have an Apple Watch and I love it. I use a lot of functions. It monitors my sleep as well as my daily activity. I often use the timer and I like receiving my What’s Ap messages on my wrist.

clementine Sun 05-Jan-20 18:38:31

Another who loves her Apple Watch, it's great especially for phone calls and texts coming in. You don't have to scramble looking for your phone. Just be aware the phone and watch have to be in reasonable close proximity to each other in order for the watch to pick up.

Esther1 Tue 07-Jan-20 20:29:10

I have had an Apple Watch for 5 years and wear it every day. It gently nudges me when a call or message comes in which means I am not constantly putting my phone somewhere and then hunting it down to check it. When I am in company I can really discreetly glance at my wrist to see if a text or call can be ignored. Hopefully more polite then picking up my phone to check. The only problem is that if I forget to charge it overnight the next day I can’t use it - so can’t even tell the time!

Mollygirl Tue 14-Jan-20 13:28:22

Thank you for your replies, glad to hear so many positive reports.