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Photographs in the Cloud

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Howjado Thu 20-Feb-20 13:26:50

If I delete photographs off my iPhone, does this mean those pictures are deleted from the iCloud too? My phone is getting full and I need to make some space but want to keep the old photographs safe.

crazyH Thu 20-Feb-20 13:31:50

I have an iPhone with loads of photos. I'm also waiting for replies mainly to explain what iCloud is etc etc

janeainsworth Thu 20-Feb-20 13:57:39

howjado this is the message I get when I delete an image from my iPhone.

I think what you have to do is go into the cloud on your computer, and save the images you want to keep onto your computer.

janeainsworth Thu 20-Feb-20 14:00:30

Of course I should have added that you need to make sure you’ve backed up to the Cloud first.
I once lost all my notes & couldn’t get them back because I hadn’t been backing up to the cloud.

ExD1938 Thu 20-Feb-20 14:04:24

I don't understand the Cloud at all.
Does anyone know of a webpage explaining it in words of one syllable? Preferably not full of strange 'initials' or computerspeak?
I'm sure many of us would be eternally grateful.

Shelmiss Thu 20-Feb-20 14:17:20

If you have all your photos saved in the Cloud, then that is where the originals will be saved. What you can then do is view those photos on your iPhone, but in a smaller resolution, so they’re actually saved in the Cloud, not on your iPhone.

First of all, check that you know your passwords etc for your icloud account, so you won’t lose anything!

Then you need to:
- go into settings on your iPhone
- scroll down and click on Photos
- check that iCloud Photos is switched on (if it’s not switched on, when you do switch it on it will transfer all your photos from your iPhone to the Cloud, which could take some time if you have loads of photos)
- click on ‘optimise iPhone storage’

After you’ve done this, all the new photos that you take will automatically upload to the cloud, but will still appear on your phone.

Hope this helps!

Shelmiss Thu 20-Feb-20 14:26:10

Howjado to answer your original question, if you are viewing your photos on your iPhone and they are saved in the cloud, then yes, if you delete a photo from your phone, it will also disappear from the cloud.

Katyj Thu 20-Feb-20 14:26:31

Hi,can anyone explain why I need to use cloud, I thought I could save photos in my iPhone then, use cloud when it’s full ? Thanks

Howjado Sat 22-Feb-20 18:04:30

Thanks for the replies. Could not see how to move photographs from my actual iCloud page onto my memory stick but did manage to drag some from "Pictures/i Cloud pictures/Download", straight to my memory stick. Then I deleted the same pictures from my phone. So hopefully I have cleared some space on my phone and in the Cloud but still have the photos saved.