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Trouble with gmail after downloading update.

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Lovetopaint037 Fri 15-May-20 10:47:54

I have an iPhone and an iPad. The phone asked me to update so I did. The installation was soon done but then I got a message from gmail asking me for my password. Got my password ready and went into settings where it was asking for it. However, although I tapped on the password space to bring up the keyboard there was nothing. Beneath this was a message to give google permission to continue which I did. My email came up but again no keyboard for password. I even tried filling in an account but no good.So I cancelled that and kept going back to whereI could simply put in my password. Getting panicky by this time as again I couldn’t bring up the keyboard to fill in the password. I tried the usual things turning off and then on again but no difference. I checked that the keyboard was available elsewhere on the phone so it was a gmail problem. After an hour or more I tried again and a yellow box came up around my password box saying it was the wrong password even though I hadn’t been able to put one in. In desperation I tapped it and a keyboard appeared and I was able to put it in. All was well and gmail started operating. My problem is this my iPad is asking me to update and I really need my gmail as it associated with my shopping etc. Really bothered so I am wondering if anyone else has had a problem with gmail after updating on iOS. I would be grateful as I like to keep up with updates but rely on it so much lately that my nerves need a couple of glasses of wine to recover yesterday.