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Putting photos on Ebay

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Ngaio1 Mon 07-Sep-20 11:51:21

\i have taken photos on my Samsung phone. Have bought the usb cable and need to transfer photos to computer. I am now at a loss! Can anyone explain how i do it, please? Thank you.

midgey Mon 07-Sep-20 12:40:31

It’s not the right way no doubt but I email them to myself!

GagaJo Mon 07-Sep-20 12:48:15

Me too Midget. Or FB messenger.

Marydoll Mon 07-Sep-20 12:48:34

If you plug the cable into your PC in a USB port, the photos should automatically transfer to you PC.
I would have folder ready to store your ebay photos, so that you can quickly find them.
You will get a prompt, asking you what you want to do once the PC recognises your phone.
I'm unsure how it would work on an ipad.
I have a Samsung phone and the charging cable can be used, no need to buy a separate cable.

The only problem I have found is my phone keeps locking if I go away and leave them downloading, so I have to keep unlocking it.

You can also do that to get rid of all your sent Whatsapp photos , rather than clear them on your phone, if you run out of memory.

Good luck!

mrswoo Mon 07-Sep-20 14:29:39

You could set up Bluetooth on your phone and on your computer that way the photos could be transferred wirelessly between the two.
Once you have enabled Bluetooth on both it’s fairly straightforward - just follow the prompts.
Hope that helps.

Marydoll Mon 07-Sep-20 15:13:04

Thanks for the heads up. I'm about to try it on my PC. smile

keyline Sun 17-Oct-21 19:27:56

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MissAdventure Sun 17-Oct-21 19:39:28


omer Tue 26-Oct-21 12:33:26

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Shandy57 Tue 26-Oct-21 12:36:50

You can upload from your phone to your Facebook page timeline, just make sure your setting is set to 'only me'. You can then download to your computer.

Ilovecheese Tue 26-Oct-21 15:11:42

I am another one who emails them to myself.

Blossoming Tue 26-Oct-21 15:19:13

I airdrop them, but I think that’s only available on Apple devices.