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Apple versus Sony

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mrsmopp Sat 12-Sep-20 13:48:52

I love my iPad.
But the iPhone was too pricey so I have a Sony mobile.
But I cannot enter my Apple email address on my Sony phone - it seems to be blocked,.
Is there a way round this?? Or am I being a bit dim.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 20-Sep-20 02:54:13

Not sure what you mean by an Apple email address? Do you mean gmail, yahoo, iCloud etc?

Missedout Sun 20-Sep-20 10:52:59

You need to start by logging into your Apple account (I think it will have to be using an Apple device) and create an application specific (for Android) password. Once you have generated this, make a note of it. Then add your icloud email account details to set up 'another account' in your email app on your Sony but add the App specific password you have just written down, rather than your Apple password.