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Sparkling Sun 13-Sep-20 07:08:01

I have had my current phone two years, psychologists for a bundle monthly via cc app. It would not accept recent transaction as it said card had expired, it hasn't, I was sent a new card, same numbers but different expiry date. Trying to contact them by phone has been impossible , automated messages with no hope of talking to anyone, Internet help doesn't cover the subject, just how am I supposed to resolve it and buy a bundle. It is so frustrating.

Maggiemaybe Sun 13-Sep-20 08:09:20

Could you go into your account details on the app, Sparkling, and update your payment details with the new card expiry date?

Esspee Sun 13-Sep-20 08:55:33

I don’t understand your first sentence OP.

Marydoll Sun 13-Sep-20 09:02:17

Can update your account on another device,like a laptop or tablet?

Recently when I was having problems, I went on my PC, got into the account and sorted it.

Pittcity Sun 13-Sep-20 09:08:26

If you buy a bundle monthly wouldn't it be easier to phone the provider and switch to a monthly contract paid by direct debit? It'd certainly be cheaper. A lot of companies now offer monthly rolling contracts so you are not tied in.

ninathenana Sun 13-Sep-20 10:35:19

Esspee glad it's not just me.
I thought I was being thick

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 13-Sep-20 13:13:52

Agree with maggiemaybe.

Your new card details need updating with new expiry date on your account.

Sparkling Sun 13-Sep-20 18:41:25

First of all sorry that somehow psychologist was substituted for paying, I don’t know how as I have tonthink how to spell it.😬The solution was to delete the account and re install it. Thank you very much for your replies.

Maggiemaybe Sun 13-Sep-20 22:49:57

Glad it’s sorted, Sparkling.