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Sparklefizz Sun 04-Oct-20 13:03:21

Anyone else got a problem this morning with their Outlook/Hotmail email accounts?

I have just had a worried text from a friend to see if I am ok as we email each other first thing because we both live alone, and she hadn't received a response from me although I had, in fact, emailed her twice.

As a test, I emailed myself from my 2nd Hotmail address, and that has not arrived either.

It turns out that my emails via Hotmail are seemingly sent from my end but don't get delivered.

I googled to find that there seems to be a worldwide problem. Does anyone know anything about this?

MadeInYorkshire Sun 04-Oct-20 13:07:58

Umm - just tried to send one to myself, not sure if you can actually do that, but it hasn't arrived either?

Sparklefizz Sun 04-Oct-20 13:09:24

This is what I found when I googled.

MerylStreep Sun 04-Oct-20 13:17:37

Mine has never been since the new format. I use my old iPad to access my emails.
Twice this week I've had to phone companies to ask where the confirmation email is.
One of them told me I was the 2nd person that morning saying the same thing.

Esspee Sun 04-Oct-20 13:33:56

Ah. That explains it!
This morning I tried repeatedly to send some photos from my iPad to my own email address so that I could forward them via WhatsApp. There was no whoosh and they didn’t arrive.

Sparklefizz Sun 04-Oct-20 13:38:10

I just hope it gets sorted quickly.