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Help, please! Photos not appearingšŸ˜•

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phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 18:48:47

Hello all, usual good wishes.

Wanted to up date my photo for a new closed Facebook group.

Mr P took photos using my Kindle Fire, but they didn't appear in my photos folder on the Kindle confused

So I took some random pics, same result!

Any ideas?

Thank you.

BlueBelle Fri 16-Oct-20 20:54:02

Sounds like the camera itself isnā€™t working Phoenix
I ve never used a kindle so I m not much help I m afraid

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:18:01

BlueBelle thank you for replying, it's appreciated!

I'm not very technically adept, but will see what others say.

Callistemon Fri 16-Oct-20 21:42:14

Sorry, phoenix, I'm hopeless. However, I did manage to transfer photos from my mobile phone to my PC today (I needed to make a complaint) and I used a lead, USB to phone.

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:46:54

Callistemon I'm taking photos on my tablet, they usually then appear in the photos folder on the same device, but they arent confusedangry

But miffed because I wanted to update my profile pic on a new Facebook group.

Callistemon Fri 16-Oct-20 21:48:39

Oh dear.

Someone may know more than me.

Marydoll Fri 16-Oct-20 21:57:34

Sorry Phoenix I know nothing.......about Kindles! Now if it had been a PC I could have helped.
Did you get yourself all titivated for the picture? That's a shame.

GrandmaKT Fri 16-Oct-20 22:00:33

Can you see them in Camera Roll Phoenix? (Photos-More-Camera Roll)

Marydoll Fri 16-Oct-20 22:01:09

Phoenix have you checked that you have enough storage space on your Kindle? If your storage is full, they won't upload.

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 22:18:44

Marydoll yes, GrandmaKT, not a clue as to what you are talking about, but thanks for responding!

Marydoll Fri 16-Oct-20 22:21:27

Phoenix, do you have lots of books or photos on your Kindle?

GrandmaKT Fri 16-Oct-20 22:23:15

If you click on Photos, at the bottom of the screen, you should see three lines and the word 'More', click on that and you should see 'camera roll'