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Security Protection for an iPad

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dustyangel Tue 23-Mar-21 17:41:19

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to protect my information on IPad. I’m sure years ago I had something free recommended here but as my Kaspersky has just runout I’ve obviously been using that. I’m willing to pay but wondered if there is anything better or different. I’m fed up with messages about my non existent millions of B.t c..n....

Katie59 Tue 23-Mar-21 19:47:12

You don’t need any extra protection on an iPad the Apple operating system is very secure, in 8 yrs of iPads nothing has got through mine. Unlike Windows that is very vulnerable and has to be kept up to date, just down load the IOS updates when they are offered and you should be OK.
If it’s emails that are bothering you can alter the email filter on that account, the problem is that it filters out some you do want.

Calendargirl Tue 23-Mar-21 19:59:59

I have an I pad, and my DS, who sorts me out tech wise, said it was ok for security, so I just trust him.

Urmstongran Tue 23-Mar-21 20:05:08

Nothing. Just a 4 pin digit code to lock it if you take it out with you.

Jane43 Tue 23-Mar-21 20:10:41

The security protection was the main reason I changed from a laptop to an iPad about six years ago and why we bought our granddaughter an Apple Mac Book when she started university. I also don’t get the constant updates I got with Windows.

Casdon Tue 23-Mar-21 20:17:05

Are the Bitcoin messages coming from the calendar dustyangel? If so there’s a thread about how to get rid of them on here from a few weeks ago?

MerylStreep Tue 23-Mar-21 20:51:44

Apple security is so good that the police have gone to court to get phones unlocked.
I love the fingerprint recognition. So simple when downloading apps.

Harris27 Tue 23-Mar-21 20:56:42

Agree with all the above it’s one of the safest things you can use.

muse Tue 23-Mar-21 22:34:51

Same from me. I'm apple everything.

Missedout Tue 23-Mar-21 23:59:04

If you are often using public wifi, it may be worth using an encrypted link over the internet (Virtual Private Network) with your iPad. You can download a VPN app from the app store. However, I have found that I sometimes have to turn off the VPN to use BBC iPlayer properly in the UK (and a few other apps that need proof of which country you are based in - you can appear to be be almost anywhere in the world using a VPN).

Make sure that you take advantage of the security features built into your iPad (finger prints, facial recognition and/or password/numerical code - depending on the iPad model).

I agree with the above posts. The iPad doesn't need additional anti virus protection. However, take the time to work out where you are backing up your data (are you paying for iCloud storage or backing up to another device regularly?), just in case you have to carry out a factory reset if something does go wrong.

The only other thing I would suggest that is a good investment in your security would be to get used to using a password manager (PM) on your iPad - you will only ever need to know one password, just for the PM.

dustyangel Wed 24-Mar-21 14:51:05

Thank you everyone. You all reiterated what the Tech repair shop (qualified) and and DH( unqualified!) have said. BUT I didn’t know anything at all about VPN so thankyou Missedout.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 02-Apr-21 09:29:19

I rang Apple and asked for advise as I have their Mac, iPad and phone. I was told NOT to have any extra security. I was also told the same when I went for lessons for the Mac in the shop. They are continually monitoring security and giving updates. Why introduce another product which may not interact well with Apple’s security system.

JeffreyNew13 Tue 08-Jun-21 13:34:08

I think protection is needed anyway. Apple won't give you protection from internet viruses or hackers or IP tracking. Therefore, I recommend using vpn for iphone. In any case, for work or for personal use, you will have to use it. Especially if you are abroad, it is very often necessary there for admission to sites.