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What's app on I phone draining battery

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Sparkling Mon 26-Apr-21 07:42:26

Does anyone else with an I phone have tge problem if what's app taking most of the battery. I have to charge it several times a day altgough not using app very much, I do need it for contact with certain people.

Jaxjacky Mon 26-Apr-21 08:07:30

No problem here, I use the app with large number of people and no one else has mentioned an issue either, at least eight of them have I phones and me.

tanith Mon 26-Apr-21 08:09:34

My family all use WhatsApp too without problem some with iPhones are you sure it’s that app causing the draining?

Marydoll Mon 26-Apr-21 08:11:16

I wondered about that too. I use What's App constantly and my phone battery doesn't drain.

Are you sending losts of videos?

Could it be a faulty battery?

MerylStreep Mon 26-Apr-21 08:17:51

Sounds as if you need a new battery. That’s unless you use ‘streaming’ apps which will take more power.

JulieNoted Mon 26-Apr-21 08:18:56

I have no trouble with the app and I use it a lot, with family, friends and some groups of friends, sending several pictures and videos regularly.

How do you know it's WhatsApp that's draining the battery? Have you deleted the app (and other apps) to find the culprit? That's the only way I could identify which app is doing it.

Marydoll Mon 26-Apr-21 08:35:30

Apologies if you have done this already, Sparkling.

How to Check Your iPhone's Battery Usage
Open the Settings app and tap Battery.
Swipe up to reveal your list of battery usage by app.
You'll see the apps you use and information about how much battery each is using, plus how much time the app spends running in the background.

Lillie Mon 26-Apr-21 08:39:27

WhatsApp videos might be the culprit? My battery runs down quicker with lots of them.

Esspee Mon 26-Apr-21 08:43:11

Marydoll what would we do without you?

Maggiemaybe Mon 26-Apr-21 08:45:41

You can also check your battery health in your phone’s settings, Sparkling. That will give you the battery’s current working percentage which will tell you whether it needs replacing. If it’s under warranty it’s free, otherwise it would cost £49.

I had to get a new battery in my old iPhone last year. I used the Apple mail-in system and it was back with me as good as new within three days.

Maggiemaybe Mon 26-Apr-21 08:51:03

I should clarify that mine cost £49. It’s £69 for some models.

honeyrose Mon 26-Apr-21 09:13:50

I use the Scrabble App and play several times during the day. That definitely drains my battery.

Atqui Mon 26-Apr-21 09:30:52

MaggieMaybe That’s v interesting . What model I phone do you have and how old is it? I was thinking I might have to buy new phone but if battery is that price that would be a much better bet.

Maggiemaybe Mon 26-Apr-21 09:46:15

Mine was an iPhone 6, Atqui, so 6 years old last year. I did treat myself to a new one, but only as I’d read that Apple soon wouldn’t be releasing updates for that model. DH inherited the i6 - he mainly only uses his phone for calls and texts, so wasn’t worried about any security issues. I’m not 100% sure that I needed to be, but I use mine for banking, etc.

BigBertha1 Mon 26-Apr-21 10:07:30

I had to delete a Whatsapp group I was in as 'someone' kept sending TikTok videos which drained the battery and p****d me off as well.

Sparkling Mon 26-Apr-21 20:54:24

I checked the battery status and it said what’s app was draining the battery, but thank you.

Atqui Fri 30-Apr-21 14:39:00

Thanks for the info * Maggie* . I have an iPhone 7 , but Imsuppose that will soon be obsolete.

Lovetopaint037 Mon 21-Jun-21 10:23:01

My iPad was doing that last year. It was running out within minutes of putting it on and was getting really hot. I rang Apple and he checked the battery level remotely and said there was nothing wrong with it. I then tried reset but it couldn’t complete it. At this point I thought I would have to have a new iPad when suddenly I had one last thought. I let it run out which it was doing rapidly and left it to the morning to ensure it was stone cold. Plugged it in and as soon as it was on and still cold I reset it. It did it in a minute and everything was resolved and back to normal. It stayed cold, my battery was normal and my photos were showing normally. So far after daily uses and for months it has been no trouble. It’s worth a try.

Lovetopaint037 Mon 21-Jun-21 10:26:33

Ps to above the reasonable price quoted for a new battery is if you have purchased Apple Care and if not it is really pricey. I am pretty sure you could add a hundred.

henetha Mon 21-Jun-21 10:35:34

That's so useful, Marydoll, thank you.
I'm not sure what would cause that, Sparkling. I have Whatsapp and only charge my phone once a day.