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Has anyone had trouble putting their hotmail email onto their iPad recently.

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Lovetopaint037 Wed 09-Jun-21 13:17:49

Just that really. Someone is helping my disabled brother setting up his iPad but now they cannot get his hotmail added to Mail. It keeps saying someone is already using it. He is new to Apple and is convinced it is all Apple’s fault. I have told him this is rubbish and I think it is probably hotmail. Has anyone tried doing this recently? Would be grateful if I can guide him in the right direction.

iambutterflysarah Wed 09-Jun-21 13:39:59

Hotmail is now known as Outlook - i found this online:

Best of luck!

Lovetopaint037 Wed 09-Jun-21 14:19:41

Thank you so much for replying. Now I emailed him to suggest that he should go through Outlook. He showed the instructions I sent to the lady who is helping him said that was what she had done already. However, it keeps saying this email belongs to someone else! I suggested adding another email onto his iPad. I also suggested using Yahoo or Gmail as hotmail was giving him trouble. He was convinced that he had been told they would cost him money and that hotmail is free. I said I have yahoo and gmail and not paid a penny. I bought this for him and now I feel I have just given him a headache. If we only lived closer it wouldn’t be a problem. Thank you again as that link is really good.

Tizliz Wed 09-Jun-21 15:45:02

Apple will help if he can ring them, you get free support for a while (can’t remember how long)