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That old phone call about Amazon prime

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ExDancer Fri 08-Oct-21 13:04:25

I'm sure I've been getting this recorded message on my landline for years - same old thing - "Hi this is your reminder from Amazon, thank you for renewing Prime. Your account has been debited £79.99. To cancel your subscription press ONE" (or words to that effect)
I was warned not to press one so I've ignored it (and I haven't been charged £79.99) but I'd really like to stop these calls.
Has anyone successfully managed to cancel it?
I'm sure its been going on for years rather than months, and as I have quite severe arthritis I'd prefer not to hop up and down from my chair to answer these calls
Telephone Preference doesn't fix it.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 08-Oct-21 13:27:31

I'm not sure if there's any fabulous cure, I'm afraid. I've got a call blocker which I got from Argos and it's helped a bit but these people and all the other pests still call again and again on a slightly different number.

Do you have a mobile? Most friends call me on that now or text first so at least I can either get a bit of warning or not leave my chair if it's in a pocket.

lemongrove Fri 08-Oct-21 14:18:48

Yes, we get this message regularly.We do have Amazon Prime but the money is taken by direct debit in any case.We just put the phone down and sigh!

ExDancer Fri 08-Oct-21 15:17:10

I'd have thought Amazon would've kicked it into touch themselves by now. I'm not a mobile user.

muse Fri 08-Oct-21 17:44:19

Yes I’ve managed. I bought a BT call guardian phone £32 four months ago. No spam or hoax calls at all. BLISS 😁

MerylStreep Fri 08-Oct-21 17:49:12

Do you mean you don’t actually own a mobile.

ExDancer Wed 13-Oct-21 20:47:22

I have a payg for emergencies. I have a tablet and a laptop so why pay monthly subscriptions to duplicate what I have already?
This spam message comes to our landline which comes with the broadband package for rural areas my husband arranged.

muse Thu 14-Oct-21 00:44:37

ExDancer. The spam messages are not from Amazon. There is nothing they can do about them. They’re hoax calls to try and get your bank details.

I used to have Call Protect. As you say it doesn’t stop these calls. My post earlier on tells you about a landline phone called Call Guardian. It has stopped the Amazon calls and all other spam hoax calls.
Hope it helps.

ExDancer Fri 15-Oct-21 10:30:57

Thank you muse I'm going there NOW!