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Indoor Security Camera

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SquirrelSue Tue 28-Feb-23 19:36:09

I have been wanting to get an indoor security camera, but unsure if you need broadband internet in the property, to make the camera work. The only internet I have is on my mobile phone, so when I go out I take my phone with me. Can anyone please advise in non technical terms.

MiniMoon Tue 28-Feb-23 20:16:41

We have Blink security camera system, one indoor and one outdoor.
You need to be able to connect it to wi-fi, therefore you need a router in your home. I can watch the video footage from the cameras on my phone.

jacongeller Sat 25-Mar-23 09:10:27

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Harris27 Sat 25-Mar-23 09:14:31

Have outdoor but wouldn’t want indoor.

MiniMoon Sat 25-Mar-23 09:26:35

The indoor camera here isn't actually in the house. It's in the porch/conservatory and shows the door and the path up to the house. Our outdoor camera is on the front of the house.