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blueskies Wed 12-Jun-13 05:15:37

My grandson is planning to travel in Europe for a few weeks before starting Uni. He has no contacts, a limited budget and hasn't started the planning bit yet. I am concerned for him regarding safety issues in the current political and economic climate.

glammanana Wed 12-Jun-13 08:59:23

I can understand how worried you must be I was the same when my eldest DGS went travelling,but we made sure he had the telephone numbers of his banks in case of emergency or he lost his money,insisted he did not go anywhere on his own or had too much to drink (some of them do away from home we know)and to stay away from any area's off the beaten track,it's a shame they cannot just go and enjoy themselves and go with the flow but boys and girls travelling stand out like a sore thumb sometimes and they have to stay very aware of their surroundings,but saying that they have to do the same here when they go out,one thing we did insist on was regular contact and he did keep to this agreement just to keep his mum from worrying more than she did.We did research the places for staying through on line searches and got other information from friends whose children had travelled previously.I do hope he enjoy's his experience it is something I wish I had the chance to do.

blueskies Wed 12-Jun-13 11:51:03

Thank you Glammanana. I travelled when I was younger as did my sons but never alone. This grandson is highly intelligent and can charm the birds from the trees and he sees the best in everything and everybody which is lovely but makes him a little vulnerable--I think. A musician--a different planet from me!