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Would you want your body to be returned home?

49 Allsorts

Life without a car

44 GrannySomerset

Advice on places to stay in Majorca please

4 Shirley48

Are you coming to Cornwall?

6 rubysong

Travel insurance.

25 CornflowerBlue

Unfair practice re flight upgrade?

6 Lathyrus

Flying to USA, current Covid rules.

7 Gillycats

Anyone been to New Zealand recently?

2 Chardy

How to spend Evenings in Liverpool

15 Kate1949

Packing for a multi destination holiday.

11 Baggytrazzas

Family holiday in Portugal

10 Grandmabatty

Suggestions for good places to visit in Wales, please.

42 Poppyred

Fred Olsen cruises

19 TiggyW

First solo holiday

25 Allsorts

Italian Lakes. Any thoughts or suggestions?

46 TerriBull

Riviera Solo Collection

14 Shandy57

Did you go to a Butlins or Pontins holiday camp ?

40 Floradora9

Travel Insurance

19 Floradora9

Reduced mobility holiday

3 Chardy

Common Travel Area, UK to Dublin. Anyone used it recently?

4 Liz08

Travelling tomorrow and have hurt knee and can’t walk

52 Candelle

Direct flight to Perth - anyone tried this?

1 granfromafar

Are you planning on holidaying this year?

159 greeneshawn

Cruises - CDC says avoid cruises

104 Aveline

Holiday lets and cleaning

52 Sago

Entertainment on flights

10 2mason16


12 GiavaniMallari

Cruising around Australia and New Zealand

4 Aveline

Bespoke travel advice

20 tidyskatemum

Rail card for people who use a hearing aid 1/3 off £20 for a year.

3 Nell8


12 crissy

Observed COVID test for travel to USA

3 Shelmiss

First time cruiser. Any advice?

42 Aveline

Travelling to Paris with a grandchild

110 freyadare2004

travel to Germany with grandson

7 buffyfly9

Timeshare relinquishment

10 Grannmarie

Taking my wheelchair abroad via Easyjet to Lanzarote

14 biglouis

holiday cottage/ cat

23 Autumnleaves

Travelling alone and independently

47 faringdon59

Airport Delays

33 Witzend

Travelling to Sydney in May - any clothes advice please!

15 Callistemon21

Three-generation holiday in the Canaries - any recommendations, please?

22 Witzend

Escorted Tours with Riveria Travel

7 Humbertbear

Budget airlines stress, is it just me?

39 biglouis

‘Sisterstay’ has someone had personal experience?

17 Redhead56

March sun advice

106 Esspee

Restful hotel for convalescent family member

16 Barmeyoldbat

Cruise ship returning with covid outbreak

37 Chrissielou

Finally going to see my daughter!

25 Shandy57

Car leasing

18 Katie59