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Would you take extra guests to a holiday let?

67 grannyrebel7


12 Largolass

Desperate for a holiday

172 MissChateline

First time holidaying alone after bereavement

24 Kim19

Camping? have you ever been camping on your own or thought about it, I mean as in at the age you are now.

63 timetogo2016

So that's it then, France is off! Quarantine from Sunday 4.00am

187 mokryna

Make sure you have enough time left on your passports .

3 Redhead56

The best of New Zealand 2022

16 Nonogran

Isle of Wight - Accommodation recommendations please.

1 Kateykrunch

Cruises - Go on, convince me!

52 Ethelwashere1

Best travel insurance

8 Mattsmum2

House swap anyone?

3 WharfedaleGran

Travel insurance for over 70s

3 jaybee66

Are you planning on holidaying this year?

157 Scentia

No quarantine on returning from Amber countries coming soon

34 maddyone

Art Holidays in UK

4 Ellianne

Midway break,,,recomendatio ns,

5 Callistemon

Cruising in 2022 and beyond

17 Floradora9

Don't travel to Spain just yet

14 MawBe

Vaccine passport

27 Blossoming

Effects on National parks due to lockdown

2 Welshwife

Portugal back

46 Shropshirelass

Finally going to see my daughter and my two grandchildren!!

25 jeanie99

House swap anyone?

7 Emmajane2


10 Shandy57

Travel to France this Summer - new regs

166 GrannyGravy13

Views on a cruise

195 Kiplet

Advice on Newmarket and surroundings (U.K.)

7 GagaJo

Thames boat trip

12 Dinahmo

Surprise UK locations to visit

7 midgey

Senior rail card renewal

14 silverlining48


3 TerriBull

Holiday on the 22nd May

41 Ro60

Re scheduling Easy Jet flights

7 Kali2

Contributions to a camping holiday with friends

12 Doodledog


6 Ellianne


2 Blossoming

Winter break in the sun

8 Shawlands2000

Wise to book cruises for 2022?

140 jeanie99

Dream holidays

55 ev00stanley

Covid travel test costs

8 GagaJo

“Too soon to book holidays”

27 Septimia

Holiday Cottages - recommendations

10 Lisagran

Southerness Dumfries Sept holiday

9 LouCampbell


16 Lillie

On BBC2 right now, Monica Galetti in my part of the world

26 Callistemon

Any Gransnetter living abroad?

36 sodapop

Wedding invitation in Italy

11 GagaJo

would you go.....

123 Tangerine

Meeting point

3 Auntieflo