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Cruise & Maritime in administration ABTA CLAIM

7 Hellogirl1

would you go.....

105 PipandFinn


4 Stansgran

Sunflower field in Cornwall

10 Callistemon

Camping? have you ever been camping on your own or thought about it, I mean as in at the age you are now.

36 Fennel


2 Missfoodlove

Spain will be added to the list of countries where holidaymakers will have to quarantine upon return from midnight tonight, the Telegraph ...

3 tanith

Help-how do I edit the Abta claim form now it is safe.

2 jeanie99

Adult only Hotels in UK

22 Humbertbear

Travelling abroad with grandchildren

15 biba70

Stop over to New Zealand

29 Ellianne

Sweet dreams of travelling again

44 korol

Annual Travel Insurance that will not refund

32 Juno56

7 weeks and still no refund from Ryanair

18 Jane43

Rules for quarantine are so floppy it won’t make much difference!

1 Mollygo

Holiday refunds

11 cornergran

Travelling alone

7 Espes


13 Fennel

A New Life in The Sun

8 Gfplux

Adult only planes

135 PamelaJ1

Collapse of Shearings

22 sodapop

Meticulously planned and much enjoyed short break in the safest place

18 farview

Coach trips/tours

59 perry75

Online travel companies

4 GregorKV

How many of you have had holidays cancelled?

85 Coolio007

Renewal of travel insurance Allclear- good news

5 Davidhs

Worried about travelling

24 jeanie99

Flights cancelled due to Coronav.

24 Juliet27

Llangollen Canal

6 Scentia

pets while traveling

34 michellestoclet

Dressing for Italy

18 FarNorth

Xmas holiday dilemma

32 ananimous

Passport renewal

17 Juliet27

Travel Insurance Hike

3 Stella14

Holiday Abroad in May Booked: What to do?

114 Daisymae


6 GagaJo

Cruise canceled while in the Maldives without informing us

8 Hetty58

Camping holidays.. could this avoid the virus?

9 sodapop

Singles holidays

81 undecided

Bar opening at children's theatre performances

10 MissAdventure

Isles of Scilly

3 jura2

Visit to Japan

8 Nanaju

Kenya and safari

6 Framilode

Get away for winter

40 N0tyNannyNita

Mental health

6 Dec46

Flying with liquids in luggage

26 ExD1938

Using Uber taxi service in Eilat

6 Missfoodlove

promotion codes for travelodge hotels

5 Cherrytree59

City of Bath any been thermal baths spa where to stay ???

25 grove1234

Red light jumpers

22 Farmor15