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weather on Sun/Mon east coast Whitby??

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bikergran Tue 08-Apr-14 17:59:47

Just wondering does anyone live up or anywhere near Whitby/Scarborough way....trying to decide if to travel to Whitby with friend on our bikes, but need decent weather (not rain) hate riding in the rain.... have looked at 5 day forcast but seems so unpredictable and sometimes better coming from the horses mouth or locals, it's either Whitby or Llandudno hmm if any one has any insight into the weather then it would be helpful thanks

tiggypiro Tue 08-Apr-14 20:01:09

Whitby is of course in North Yorkshire biker so is bound to be fabulous ! Sorry I can't vouch for the weather though. You could try looking at the weather reports on BBC Look North (from Newcastle rather than Leeds) on iPlayer.

bikergran Tue 08-Apr-14 21:14:50

ok thanks tiggy I will try and keep a watchfull eye..yes Whitby is a smashing little place..we have stopped at the Royal a couple of times..a bit dated I know..but it ticks all the boxes for DH with a lift/entertainment in the hotel and lovely harbour views, If my friend and I did travel up I think we would sat at a little farmhouse B n B called Skelderdale farmhouse (think I am allowed to mention it) it's just a few miles out and DH and I stayed there for one night a few yrs ago..and they also have lock up for watch this space!! smile

(glad you managed to get off the barge ok )grin