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numberplease Tue 15-Sep-15 17:01:34

Can anyone tell me what sort of weather to expect in Portugal, N.Spain and the Atlantic coast of France in the first half of March, please? There`s a cruise we fancy going at that time, and it`s a reasonable price, but maybe it`s because the weather`s not so great then?

Jane10 Tue 15-Sep-15 17:13:32

Maybe reasonable due to the spring tides? Could be a bargain if you're a good sailor and not prone to mal de met.

Jane10 Tue 15-Sep-15 17:14:44

Mal de mer!

ffinnochio Tue 15-Sep-15 17:14:52

I really don't think the weather will be that great, number. You'll be sailing through the Bay of Biscay some of the time, and that has quite a reputation for being unpredictable i.e. stormy and choppy. If you could push your dates forward to late April/May, you'll have a better chance of catching some good, fine weather.

Mamie Tue 15-Sep-15 17:29:12

I agree with Ffin. Can't speak for Portugal, but Northern Spain and Western France stand a very good chance of being wet and windy!

dustyangel Tue 15-Sep-15 17:33:07

Even the south of Portugal can be chilly, wet or windy in March. It can also be glorious, the trouble is you can't guarantee it.

numberplease Tue 15-Sep-15 17:40:45

That`s pretty much what I expected. My hubby fancies going on a cruise, but we can`t afford the majority of them, I thought that looked a bit too good to be true. Oh well, I`ll keep looking in hope!

numberplease Tue 15-Sep-15 17:41:09

Fofgot to say thank you everybody!