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Where can we go on holiday?

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susanb Tue 20-Mar-18 18:40:55

We look after our one year old grandson one day a week during term term. His parents are teachers. We are wondering where to go on holiday? We don't really want to be stuck with expensive school holidays with children everywhere, but maybe we are! Holidays abroad will be a bit hot too! Any advice for us old miseries?

midgey Tue 20-Mar-18 18:56:34 could you think of any where else grin.

J52 Tue 20-Mar-18 19:00:34

SW Scotland. The schools have a different summer holiday time and local children go back in the middle of August, so not many locals on the beaches.
Also loads of history and botanic gardens. ( Gulf Stream influences)

MawBroon Tue 20-Mar-18 19:35:01

If you look after him, say, on a Wednesday, why not leave for a city break somewhere in Europe (orvwgatevervtypevof holiday you prefer) on Thursday and come home on Tuesday?
Knackering, but nobody is inconvenienced and you can still go in term time.

petra Tue 20-Mar-18 19:36:55

Obviously I don't know how miserie you are, but the temperature in Sweden and Denmark is lovely in the summer.

MawBroon Tue 20-Mar-18 20:37:11

(Whatever type of holiday.....) not what my iPad said!

vampirequeen Tue 20-Mar-18 20:39:59

Visit Yorkshire...don't forget Hull. There's coast, moors, dales, history.... you get a bit of everything in God's own county.

merlotgran Tue 20-Mar-18 20:50:10

North Norfolk is lovely. Plenty of nice places and gardens to visit.

PamelaJ1 Tue 20-Mar-18 22:03:41

If you have him for one day it means you have 6 to go away for short breaks. How about Jersey. It involves a plane journey so you can pretend it’s abroad if that’s important and it is lovely. Interesting too.

Nanabelle Tue 20-Mar-18 22:36:57

I wonder if your grandson has other grandparents? Maybe just once or twice a year, he could be looked after by someone else just for a day? Teachers are so lucky that they do not have to arrange child care for the long holidays and half terms, but on the other hand, they can never
have a working day off (unless ill of course!)

Humbertbear Wed 21-Mar-18 08:04:15

We have this problem as we pick up GC on Fridays and our DS is a school teacher. We went away in the middle of half term and were back in time to do our Friday duty the following week. We have settled on adult only accommodation as we have had some bad experiences of children being left unsupervised in hotels. The other grand parents go to Warner’s in this country, also adults only. We have found that the price of 2person cottages in this country does not go up as much as that for larger cottages during the school holidays.

gillybob Wed 21-Mar-18 08:15:14

Don’t forget in a few years time your DGS will be one of those “children everywhere “.

There are plenty of places abroad where you can go just out of season in maybe May or September , not too hot , not too cold. Whereas in the UK you are really taking a chance with the weather . Although maybe at only 1, it doesn’t make much difference yet . I would love to be able to take my 3 (12,10 and 8 ) somewhere warm .

Oh the luxury of 13 weeks holiday a year . My DS and DDiL get 4 weeks each that they usually have to take separately to maximise childcare . sad

Smithy Wed 21-Mar-18 08:37:26

Depending on where yo live some companies do shorter breaks abroad and if it's short haul 5/6 days is can nice break. Or as someone mentioned a city break abroad four 4/5 days is nice and you still feel like you've had a holiday. Plenty of options.

KatyK Wed 21-Mar-18 10:33:18

We went to Lyme Regis for the first time last year. It was great. It's on the border with Devon and you can either drive or get the bus to lots of lovely places. We also discovered Northumberland a few years ago. That was wonderful too smile

Jane10 Wed 21-Mar-18 10:39:56

J52 is right. SW Scotland is one of our favourite places. I'd rather keep it secret but am willing for GNers to share this secret. I think people tend to bash on up north rather than turn left after the Lake District.
A wide range of accommodation available and beautiful beaches and gardens thanks to the gulf stream.

susanb Wed 21-Mar-18 19:08:06

Thank you for such great ideas! There is no other set if grandparents to help out sadly. We do like to support the young folk and don't want to feel resentful and grumpy. I now have a good range of places and options, thank you!

Telly Wed 21-Mar-18 19:28:23

One is little, so he wont mind where you go. I would make sure that the journey is as short as possible.