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Money for Cuba

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Daisydaughter Wed 18-Apr-18 19:03:59

We are travelling to Cuba on 3 May. First week we will be staying in casas, second week in Valadero. According to guide book it is possible to take CUC currency out at airports and banks. Advice on how reliable this is and how much sterling to take in cash would be much appreciated. We assume money matters will be more straightforward in Varadero.

petra Wed 18-Apr-18 20:06:20

Don't get your money at the airport, big rip off, same all over the world. We took it out at the bank.
We enjoyed Cuba but that was back in 2003 and things are a lot 'freeer' now as in where you can and can't go.
Lovely people.

silverlining48 Wed 18-Apr-18 20:37:04

We had a wonderful holiday in Cuba last January. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Most hotels there have money exchange facilities to CUC. Dont recall being able to exchange in the uk prior to departure.

Daisydaughter Thu 19-Apr-18 08:33:56

Thank you both. Did you get money out using cards or did you take sterling and change that or a mixture of the two?

silverlining48 Thu 19-Apr-18 10:15:45

we took a mixture of the two. Might be good to take a card as well just in case as some of the hotels did take them. There are also exchange places and rare atms but be careful using these as our card was swallowed up and it was a performance sorting it all out. Ok in the end.
How about contacting the hotel direct, or your holiday company for advice. Have a great time. We did.

silverlining48 Thu 19-Apr-18 10:20:45

We exchanged sterling as we went along, try not to be left with too much cuc, and dont forget to change it or spend it before leaving cuba.

GillT57 Thu 19-Apr-18 10:51:07

The Cuban currency is in two types. One is the tourist cuc and the other for residents. You can only buy the tourist currency and it is easily purchased at official bureaux in ports, etc. Don't buy too much as the exchange rate to sell back is atrocious, and buy it with sterling as there is an additional levy of 10% charge if you buy it with US dollars.

NanaNancy Wed 25-Apr-18 06:13:25

My experience is that Cubans want American dollars, so we used credit card for major expenses like the resort and U.S. dollars for everything else. No problemo.
Wonderful people, try and talk to locals or "befriend" one of the hotel staff into "inviting" you for dinner at a local home. This is often arranged, and you pay for your meal which will be fantastic, directly to the cook. Be sure to pay the way of your "friend" too and have them take you "home" after (we got slightly afraid on the way back with no lights in the area and just us and a old man with a horse drawn carriage).
Happy Travels.

Daisydaughter Mon 18-Jun-18 08:28:16

Thanks for all your responses. In the end we took a mixture of cash and cards. There was an ATM on arrival at the airport which was coonfusing to use but in the end spewed out currency and gave us back our card. Banks did not really look like banks and could be tricky to find. In the end we mostly used ATMs and changed sterling to CUCs in one bank. One hotel would only accept euros or US$. So sterling not universally accepted.