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reetpetite Fri 21-Sep-18 14:11:50

Has anyone used online travel agents(expedia travel bag or similar to book flights to Australia? We have been 4 times to see family but have only ever booked directly with the airline but browsing through various online agents it works out quite a bit cheaper especially as we are looking to treat ourselves this time and go business which will involve quite a lot of money. I am just a bit nervous about booking this way. If you have booked through one of these agents did you have any problems and is it easy to book your seats etc

HildaW Fri 21-Sep-18 14:59:18

Having read a few holiday gripes in the Sunday newspaper supplements its does appear that going through on line 3rd parties adds another layer that can go wrong. When things do go wrong its always easier dealing direct I've found.

Pittcity Fri 21-Sep-18 18:52:44

We recently booked a hotel in France through Expedia. We were to pay at the hotel. When we got there the guaranteed Expedia discount price was more than the price advertised at the hotel. The receptionist was unable to do anything as they had to pay commission to Expedia.
Lesson learned to check the price for booking direct and compare.

J52 Fri 21-Sep-18 19:32:56

We’ve used Expedia several times for both long and short haul holidays and never had any difficulties.
What we usually do is identify the hotel and flight and see who offers them as a bundle, covered by ATOL. Then pick the cheapest most convenient flight.
This can be slightly more costly than booking both independently, but then you’re on your own if things go wrong.

Jalima1108 Fri 21-Sep-18 20:15:27

I haven't booked flights with them, only direct with the airlines, but it would be worth checking the prices. We booked through a travel agent once and things did go wrong.

If booking accommodation in Australia Wotif is a good site as well.

Diana54 Fri 21-Sep-18 20:19:53

Be very careful with online agents they may be cheaper but do check out the hotels own special offers. Last year one agent seemed to have a good price, checking the hotels own special offer saved me 30% and a room upgrade as well, it turned out to be one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at.

reetpetite Fri 21-Sep-18 20:48:25

Thanks for your comments so far, I only need flights as will be staying with family. I have booked loads of hotels etc with online agents such as Expedia over the years with no problems but never flights. As it’s a lot of money for 2 of us to fly business class I am nervous to book other than direct with airline.

Mamissimo Fri 21-Sep-18 21:01:08

We use Expedia for all our flights....but...we look at our preferred airline first to make sure they’re not on offer, and if not we then book with Expedia. We’ve flown to Dubai, the USA and in Europe and bought British Airways, Quantas and United flights, all at a saving. We usually fly Premium on long haul so I can’t advise in Business class but I have had no problems at all. Bon Voyage!

Izabella Fri 21-Sep-18 22:16:16

I would suggest getting quotes and routings from both Expedia and trailfinders.

jeanie99 Wed 26-Sep-18 07:38:53

I have used Expedia and Travel bag for hotels, not had any problems.

What I tend to do is research different sites including the airlines and check out prices and what is included.
It is the only way because prices for flights go up and down in the same day, so you need to book immediatly if it's a good price.

Pittcity Wed 26-Sep-18 08:25:58

For flights websites like Skyscanner check which website has the best deal on the flight you want.....a bit like Confused or the Meerkats....