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chaffinch Thu 30-May-19 09:11:31

Anyone flown lately with Flybe? Just had an e mail reminding me of cabin bag restrictions. We have used the same bags for the last three flights to Channel Islands, which comply with the measurements (just) and we certainly don’t exceed weight allowance, but have not had this reminder previously. Are they tightening up, or doing random checks? Would appreciate feedback.

Jane10 Thu 30-May-19 09:20:21

We're shortly flying Jet 2 and have been inundated with emails from them trying to sell us stuff. This now includes being able to pay for 'guaranteed' cabin baggage. We're already paying extra for hold baggage and seating choice. I just think these so called 'no frills' airlines are working out more ways to get cash from us. I suspect Flybe will be the same.

Buffybee Thu 30-May-19 09:45:02

Hi chaffinch, Flybe have changed a lot her their planes to Propeller Engines and if you get one of these instead of a jet then the overhead baggage compartment is a lot smaller.
I went with my friend to Jersey and struggled to get my case in the overhead, until a huge guy took if from me and literally forced it in.
My friend who travels often with them to Jersey had a slightly smaller case which was ok but mine which is normally ok with other airlines, was a struggle.

henetha Thu 30-May-19 10:57:04

I flew with Flybe last week, and yes I think they are tightening up. For the first time I was asked to jam my cabin bag into one of those measuring things. Luckily it fitted,
I'm flying with them again soon and am now having emails from them reminding me to make sure my cabin bag will not exceed the required size.

Slowcookervegan Thu 30-May-19 11:16:08

Yes Flybe are very strict now with hand luggage. They make you put your bags in their size box and then they put a tag on it. If your cases have wheels on alot of people were being told they would have to pay and put it in the hold!
That was April.

glammanana Thu 30-May-19 11:25:53

I flew back from Majorca just last week with Jet2 and my suitcase and trolly case where both checked in for hold luggage at no extra cost,I have always checked in cabin bag sized cases into the hold when travelling with them,the only thing I pay extra for is seating choice.

Jane10 Thu 30-May-19 12:07:33

My only cabin baggage will be my small handbag. Definitely not handing that in for the hold!
I really resent the people who bring on board huge wheeled cases and rucksacks and try to cram them in the overhead lockers crushing everyone else's belongings. By all means confiscate them at the gate!

chaffinch Fri 31-May-19 12:53:43

Thank you all for your sound advice and feedback. As a result we have bought two light cabin bags, no wheels. My DH still thinks our other bags should be ok, but I am worried the wheels wouldn’t fit in the sizer, and would rather spend a tenner on each new bag than risk a hefty fine!The new ones are well within the required measurements, and we can fit our clothes in which is all that matters.

Slowcookervegan Fri 31-May-19 13:38:46

Just had a friend visit. She flew to Southampton with flybe no problem. Got charged £40 coming back with same suitcase! Furious. They said it had to be checked. It had wheels on.

Buffybee Fri 31-May-19 16:42:01

I think you're wise chaffinch!

Saralou18 Fri 31-May-19 22:58:45

Two weeks ago on a Flybe flight from Birmingham to Milan, so many people were having their cabin bags taken away at the gate, and having to pay £50, that the flight was very delayed! Lots of arguing! No problems at all o the return trip.

David0205 Sat 01-Jun-19 07:01:12

Some “cabin” bags have got ridiculous they are small suitcases with wheels and airlines are very variable in their tolerance. So if you have one of these be prepared for extra charges or pack less in a sensible bag.
Years ago on a Ryan Air flight they were very strict and we were amazed how much we could pack into a small bag if we really tried.

Hertsbet Sun 02-Jun-19 19:30:21

Flybe have reduced the size of acceptable cabin bags. Just 'Google' the Flybe website which gives the sizes and ensure you take a soft bag. The overhead lockers are really small.