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Bar opening at children's theatre performances

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granbabies123 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:52:42

I've just been to a CHILDREN'S dance show , a national one .
Why is it that they have to have a bar open serving alcohol?
My son's partner and I clapped each group of children on stage and at the end of their performance clapped again, we were quiet and respectful throughout the show as were 99% of the audience. The circle and balcony were full of school children ,also being quiet and respectful to the performers.
Then there was the group in front of us. They only came into the theatre from the bar when their school section came on, unfortunately our school was in this group. They showed no interest whatsoever to any other group and proceeded to talk loadly throughout all but their own school. Their school was whooped and harrayed by them whilst they continued to drink. Unforttnately to add to this they won the heat and will go on to final of the Big Dance Show. AIBU to expect better behaviour for all the hard work the children and school staff have done.

Septimia Fri 06-Mar-20 12:09:39

I agree that having the bar open on such an occasion is not appropriate.

As for the rowdy supporters, I hope the school they are associated with will make clear objections to their behaviour. After all, it reflects on the school's reputation.

felice Fri 06-Mar-20 12:26:06

Nonsense, even DGS school has a bar when it is the all day school concert and fundraiser.
Everyone is very civilised and no drunks to be seen.
They serve beers and wine and it is a very convivial day out.
I will be taking DGS to a special Childrens day at a large art gallery at the end of the month and in the main hall will be a bar serving again beers and wine plus Crepés and snacks.
It is very sad that Brits are unable to behave and treat alcohol with respect.

M0nica Fri 06-Mar-20 12:37:22

Sorry, I am among those who say no need for bars or alcohol at these events, why should anyone consider that not having alcohol available at an event even worth mentioning.

I find most people's obsession with having alcohol available at every event and no event complete without it, is shaming to them. I rarely drink when out, never have.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 06-Mar-20 12:42:03

Unfortunately the money taken over the bar will have subsidised the rental of the theatre.

No bar open, no profits would mean higher rental costs.

granbabies123 Fri 06-Mar-20 14:30:06

I agree that's the reason GrannyGravy13 but isn't it sad?
Septimia I don't think staff will even be aware ,they were all backstage doing the wonderful work that teachers do.

granbabies123 Fri 06-Mar-20 14:30:58

We still paid considerably for tickets

DoraMarr Fri 06-Mar-20 16:57:54

Presumably some other members of the audience had a drink too, and it was only a small section of the audience who didn’t know how to behave. I have observed parents whooping and yelling at infant nativity performances, nothing to do with drink, just the lack of understanding of some parents. They watch talent shows on television where this behaviour is seen as normal- in fact the audience is hyped up to behave exactly like this. Not much we could do, except mention in a newsletter prior to the performance that we would be pleased if parents could applaud quietly etc. I don’t think the presence of alcohol has much to do with it.

CanadianGran Fri 06-Mar-20 23:30:00

We have a dance competition in our town, and the audience is told at the beginning to only clapping, no verbal praise (including whooping).

It came from the same sort of behaviour from one group of parents from a particular dance academy. I'm glad of the announcement. I haven't done so in the last few years, but for years I volunteered at the theatre during performance.

MissAdventure Fri 06-Mar-20 23:33:41

There are always pigs people who don't know when they've had enough, but then they can spoil any event.

I don't see why others can't enjoy a drink, though.