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Wedding invitation in Italy

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flaxwoven Tue 05-Jan-21 19:46:54

My husband's sister lives in Tuscany and her son (his nephew) lives in Milan and is getting married in Italy in his fiancee's little town in the mountains near Perugia on 30th August. My husband's sister has invited our whole family to the wedding and wants to know numbers so she can book the hotel. What with another lockdown just started, Brexit, passports, health insurance, will we have had the vaccine, will it be safe to travel in a plane, what will the situation be with Covid in August, still wearing masks, social distancing etc. etc. I just don't know what to say to her and it's more or less impossible to decide now. My husband told her on the phone "yes, we'll be there". I think it's a ridiculous thing to ask just now and it's the last thing on my mind. What do others think? Should we say yes we'll go and if things don't improve she'll have to cancel?

GagaJo Tue 05-Jan-21 19:49:09

I think they are taking a huge risk. Is the hotel refundable IF it isn't possible for you to go? Airlines ARE refunding if you aren't able to fly.

It could potentially wreck the plans if people aren't able to get there. Why on earth don't they put it off for a year?

SuzieHi Tue 05-Jan-21 19:52:57

Positive thinking..... I’d say yes we’d love to accept. Of course you’ll need to add ...if everything re virus allows.

lemongrove Tue 05-Jan-21 19:55:31

I certainly wouldn’t do any booking either here or in another country ( particularly in another country) if you don’t absolutely have to.Nobody can for-see what will actually happen this year and your relatives should understand that.

cornishpatsy Tue 05-Jan-21 20:21:05

You will get refunds if flights or hotels are cancelled.

I think it is good to look forward and be positive. This will pass.

BlueBelle Tue 05-Jan-21 20:22:01

Not for me, much too soon you could lose money or have to quarantine at your own expense I thought Italy was not much behind us in deaths and illnesses
My granddaughters getting married in NZ in March way will anyone from U.K. be going

Bibbity Tue 05-Jan-21 21:20:23

Personally I’d say no for now.
Things may be refundable if the Ts&Cs apply but what if you personally don’t feel safe to travel?
If everything is great then last minute flights and air bnb do exist to make a quick dash over.

flaxwoven Tue 05-Jan-21 21:34:36

Thanks for your replies. It does help to ask anonymous people sometimes, as family members are too close and emotions are raised. I don't know why I am fretting about a situation I can do nothing about! No one can look into a crystal ball and see what the situation will be in August.

silverlining48 Tue 05-Jan-21 23:42:24

EasyJet carried on with flights even after the government advised no travel. Dd had a holiday booked last summer but as the flight went ahead anyway they would not refund. She could rebook which cost another £500 .... be careful.

honeyrose Wed 06-Jan-21 00:48:06

I wouldn’t be happy about saying yes to an invitation such as this at the moment - too soon to tell. Look how long this pandemic has dragged on for! Obviously the vaccine is on the horizon, but, being a very cautious person, I couldn’t commit myself to accept at the moment. An optimist would probably say yes, but i’m more of a realist so it would to be - “sorry, not sure”. Difficult, as they’ll to know numbers, but I feel they've put you and the other invited guests into a rather difficult position.

GagaJo Wed 06-Jan-21 10:27:05

I had several Easyjet flights booked last Silverlining. All were cancelled. All were refunded.

I was due to go home for Christmas (Easyjet). One flight was cancelled, the other wasn't. After an email from me, they refunded both.