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Contributions to a camping holiday with friends

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Doodledog Mon 12-Apr-21 01:30:54

We have a static lodge/caravan, and I wouldn't dream of charging friends who come to stay. There are no petrol costs, but we are already paying the rent, the electricity, gas, insurance and so on, but having other people to stay only adds a little bit to what it would cost us anyway. I would accept an offer of halves on food and drink if they are staying longer than a weekend, but it wouldn't cross my mind to profit on the stay.

When people borrow it for their own use, people usually leave a bottle of wine or something. It wouldn't cover the gas and electricity, particularly in colder weather, but I wouldn't take money from a friend. I have known people to take a lend, though - including a cousin who used it regularly, but ate all our food, used up the electricity (we were on a 'card' system then), drank the special wine I'd bought for my husband, and left us to come back to total darkness and no loo roll, as he'd used the last of that, too. I just stopped letting him use it, by telling him that it was busy every time he asked.

It was partly my fault, I think, for not being up front about being annoyed at his behaviour, though. If your friends have asked you to contribute (and sharing the petrol costs is only fair), I agree with those who say that you should ask how much they want before agreeing to go. If either 'side' is uncomfortable with the arrangement, it could put a strain on the holiday, so it's better to be clear from the start.

I don't think it matters who has more means - that doesn't alter the costs, but if that is the case, there is no reason why you shouldn't pay for a weekly evening out as a treat.

jeanie99 Mon 12-Apr-21 00:49:07

Sharing a caravan, I wouldn't go.

We had a 7 night holiday with friends some years ago on a barge.
Never again, no privacy at all could hear everything from the toilet to the bedroom.

No matter how long you have known friends ours of 40 year standing there are just some things you just do not want to share with them.

suziewoozie Sun 11-Apr-21 20:47:09

I agree with Oops I’d ask rather than second guess - they sound like good friends so it should be fine asking?

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 11-Apr-21 20:21:12

You say that’ they want you to contribute’ , I would ask them what they want, money for costs of holiday or payment towards the vehicle? If they want x amount and you don’t offer enough they might be a bit put out.

Ask them what they mean.

Kamiso Sun 11-Apr-21 20:04:56

What percentage do you normally pay? 1/3rd or 1/2? Don’t see that you should contribute to the kit as they will get years of use out of it.

Presumably you share the inevitable chores and take turns with cooking, clearing up, cleaning etc?

If you’ve holidayed with them before you shouldn’t get any untoward shocks!

Peasblossom Sun 11-Apr-21 19:52:32

Never thought of site fees.

Yes those as well.

MerylStreep Sun 11-Apr-21 19:51:21

On top of the food, petrol, site fees, why not treat them to a meal out once a week. Or more if your able.

Peasblossom Sun 11-Apr-21 19:49:07

Me, I’d pay for all the petrol, they’re getting the wear and tear on the car.

No less than halves on the in-house food with a couple of cases of wine thrown in.

I’d pay totally for a some meals out or takeaways.

You’ll still have a bargain holiday. Friends that want you for six weeks? Not the moment to be penny-pinching.

Campa Sun 11-Apr-21 19:37:15

I am able to contribute, and I have more means than they do.. they always include me in everything.

Doodledog Sun 11-Apr-21 19:30:59

I would suggest a kitty for expenses (petrol, food, gas and site costs), but I don't think you need to contribute to the cost of their kit.

You are friends, not customers, and are most unlikely to add to wear and tear by sharing it for six weeks.

Campa Sun 11-Apr-21 19:29:10

Long time travel friends are planning a six weeks holiday in their new car and caravan and they want me to contribute, we usually always share the cost of accomodation and travel but this time they own the kit out, what should I offer for a fair contribution?

Campa Sun 11-Apr-21 19:24:08

Long time travel friends plan a 6 week caravan holiday in their new car and caravan , they want me to contribute, we always share costs of accomodation and travel costs, but this time they own the kit out.. what should I consider fair to contribute?