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Re scheduling Easy Jet flights

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Kali2 Wed 21-Apr-21 17:27:55

I find this incredible- do you have a link, please?

GagaJo Wed 21-Apr-21 17:24:30

Sorry. Typo. I actually emailed Scot gov to double check, but nope. Not allowed to drive between Scotland and England.

Elegran Wed 21-Apr-21 17:16:37

Er - Gagajo- In Scotland you would have already been in the UK and just have to drive into England. The SNP have not yet succeeded in taking Scotland out of the United Kingdom - and when/if they do succeed in removing one Kingdom, it will no longer BE the United Kingdom.

GagaJo Wed 21-Apr-21 16:40:34

Yes. I used a voucher I had from a cancelled flight this time last year to buy a flight to Edinburgh. THEN I realised I couldn't drive from Scotland into the UK and changed the flight to London instead. I just had to pay the difference in the price between the 2 flights (four pounds!).

TerriBull Wed 21-Apr-21 16:36:06

Yes Faro Portugal it's nearest airport to the part of southern Spain we are intending to go to.

Kali2 Wed 21-Apr-21 15:48:38

You mean Faro in Portugal?

TerriBull Wed 21-Apr-21 15:45:08

I've cancelled a holiday to southern Spain at the beginning of June (hotel only) Our flights to Faro are still booked, I did faff around on line to try and reschedule them for a year hence, however that appeared to incur a rebooking charge. Bearing in mind these flights have already been paid for and rescheduled from Spring last year I don't really want to pay any more money up front given the uncertainty of what the future might bring travel wise.

I haven't actually rebooked the flights yet, At the moment, government advice seems to be not to book holidays in southern Europe for the coming summer.

Anyone else rebooked their flights without charge recently ?