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Senior rail card renewal

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annodomini Mon 17-May-21 14:54:57

I've just renewed my senior rail card. It ran out last summer when there wasn't much point in renewing it. Of course it is now digital and I had to find a reasonably recognisable photograph, much better than my passport photo as it doesn't matter if you smile! However, all done now and it's on my phone. I can go to Scotland to see my sister and south to see my sons and GC. Cheers!

Lucca Mon 17-May-21 15:37:16

Thanks for reminding me!

silverlining48 Mon 17-May-21 16:11:35

I age just renewed our passports. No plans to go anywhere but understood it could take 10 weeks as they are so busy. Renewed online and posted old passport and 6 days later the new passport was delivered.

Sar53 Mon 17-May-21 16:13:24

Mine ran out in February 2020 and I haven't had any need to renew it so far. I'm sure I will start to use the train again to visit my daughter who lives in the Midlands. My biggest problem now is lifting my case up and down stairs !!!

Sar53 Mon 17-May-21 16:15:29

Silverlining48 did you take your own photos and upload them ? I need to renew my passport, just in case.

Mimipoppetnana Mon 17-May-21 16:22:49

Just going to get my first one , they gave me a paper leaflet to fill
In , guess I’m better to do online?

silverlining48 Mon 17-May-21 16:32:13

Sar We took our own photos and uploaded then onto the online form. It was very easy (once we knew how to upload the photos.)

Niobe Mon 17-May-21 16:33:50

Last time I got a senior railcard it was cheaper if you got it online.
I’ve let mine lapse as I’m not planning any trips at the moment but will renew it if I decide to take a trip.

grannysyb Mon 17-May-21 17:03:43

Just to say that if you are deaf you can get a disabled railcard, which is cheaper than the senior one.

keepingquiet Mon 17-May-21 17:44:16

I had problems with the web-site and rang them up and renewed it over the phone- no photo needed!

Grannyben Mon 17-May-21 18:49:12

I've just got my disabled railcard using my Tesco Clubcard points. I used £6 worth so only had to pay £2. It came within a week

Gymstagran Mon 17-May-21 19:37:11

On line, at the moment, you are unable to buy a renewal in advance without loosing days. The renewal is valid from the day of application. Mine expires halfway through a week away. I'm hoping the app will be updated to do this before I travel.

Sar53 Mon 17-May-21 20:01:14

Thanks Silverlining48, I will give it a go.

silverlining48 Mon 17-May-21 20:07:30

Sar It was much easier than i thought. Was worried about taking a photo they would accept, but it tells you if it’s not ok. I used one which was described as poor but went ahead and they didn’t boot it out. I look like an aged criminal though, a pity, as it might be my last passport and I wanted a glam shot, but it was not to be.
Hope you are well Sar, it’s been a while since we met up.