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Big price hikes on travel ? Is it temporary

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Tusue Sat 04-Sep-21 10:52:42

Hi all,like lots of us we had a holiday cancelled Nov 2020 it was re booked for April 2021, obviously that got cancelled and we took a refund.
Out of curiosity I looked at prices for April 2022 ( I know ,quite optimistic) .
I was truly shocked,the flights for DH and myself had gone up in price by exactly 1k and the same accommodation we booked had gone up by £1100.00 .
Same dates same condo rental just 12 months on, over 2k increase.
Is this likely to be the case in the future ? , if so it puts foreign holidays out of my budget for good.
I am good on the internet,I searched different sites and couldn’t find anything that was near my previous quotes.
Am I alone in this ?

Peasblossom Sat 04-Sep-21 11:40:00

Planes aren’t flying at maximum capacity. It’s a simple equation. Cost of flying the plane divided by the expected number of people on it, I’m afraid. Several flights are being cancelled at the moment in order to bump people on into another not full flight and make it viable. Hopefully when more people fly the price will go down.

Same for apartments in complexes. Cost of running the complex divided by the number of people expected to stay.

Hang on and see if it recovers?

cangran Sat 04-Sep-21 13:59:11

Hopefully the cost of flights won't go down too much to discourage us from flying so much. We are in the midst of a very serious climate crisis and must cut down on flying, one of the worst polluters.

Daisymae Sat 04-Sep-21 14:19:58

Place we stayed at this year has hiked fees by £2k for next August. A place we stayed at 4 years ago with GC is now £5700 next August. I hope people refuse to pay these fees which are nothing short of profiteering. I think that they are thinking next year will be a replay of this with it being a seller's market and a captive audience. It won't always be this way.

grannyrebel7 Thu 09-Sep-21 10:21:45

Next year DH wants us to go on a mega trip involving being away from home for 6 weeks, spending 3 days in each country. This would involve the Scandi countries, Russia, the Baltic states Germany & a few others, Covid permitting of course. He's always wanted to do it and he says if we leave it much longer we'd be too old. I'm not that keen myself as I don't think I could spend 6 weeks away from home and not see the kids/grandkids. Also for us to be in each other's company with no-one else to talk to for 6 weeks would be a recipe for disaster. We're always bickering and I wouldn't have anywhere to escape to smile I would like to see all those countries and I realise it would be an adventure. However, I'm not as adventurous as he is. My question is would you do it or is it a mad idea?

Lucca Thu 09-Sep-21 10:28:19

I Think it’s a brilliant idea and how great to have a partner with such “get up and go”! However if you don’t get on well anymore he might be as well to go on his own or with a solos group.

Sorry but I’m sure you could be away from GC for six weeks … if you wanted to travel that is. Time to decide and let poor OH know

Neen Sun 26-Sep-21 20:32:36

Wow, what an opportunity. I'm in the middle of a divorce but we were due to go to Australia for a month in the pandemic and obviously didn't go.
I was worried also, but ours was in a house ( house-sitting ), I had made contact with the area and was looking forward to church and a lady's only lunch and a walking group etc
Is it possible with technology to touch base in these places ahead of time so you can do your own thing as well as together. ( Obviously say where your going for safeguarding reasons )

Neen Sun 26-Sep-21 20:35:29

Tusue I've found windows of travel agents are the best deals ( out of school holiday time ) . In particular co op travel agents up here had some corkers .

Happiyogi Sun 26-Sep-21 21:10:26

grannyrebel7, the proposed trip sounds exciting to me, with one reservation.

I’m sure your family would be absolutely fine without you for a few weeks - and think how much you’d have to tell them about when you return. Send postcards from each country and show them on a map where your travels are taking you. I bet they’d be impressed by your independence and spirit of adventure.

My hesitation would be only having three days in each country. A huge proportion of your time is going to be spent in transit, which I think would be very tiring and would put a strain on even the easiest of relationships! And any delays would eat into your already short time at each exciting destination. Bon voyage if you do decide to go!

GagaJo Sun 26-Sep-21 22:07:34

My flight out to Switzerland cost £70 when I went out to work there, last year.

When I returned, mid pandemic, it cost £380.

Prices are higher somewhat I think because they're trying to recoup lost income, but also because not so many people are travelling and therefore costs are higher.

SuzieHi Mon 27-Sep-21 09:04:18

Think you should go! As mentioned above 3 days in a place is not enough. You’d be forever packing/ on the move. 5 days better? Or even a week so you can relax as well as sightseeing. FaceTime family regularly while away- almost as good as visiting them.
You’ll find other travellers to chat to and there’ll be lots to look at and talk about. Bickering etc usually worse when bored/ nothing better to do! You can always book in for a Spa escape or a swim or a wander on your own?