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Pat85 Sat 19-Feb-22 14:23:19

Thinking of travelling to USA in June but wondering if it is safe and worth the hassle of vaccine passports and testing.

Kim19 Sat 19-Feb-22 15:00:00

Depends what pot of gold you have at the other end whether it is 'worth' it or not. Strange terminology. I've always thought when in doubt, the answer's no.

Katie59 Sat 19-Feb-22 21:08:40

Rules are changing all the time, it’s as safe as staying at home, if you are vaccinated there should be no problem. Unvaccinated, you will likely still need a negative PCR for many countries, no problems returning to UK likely.

Go for it

Pat85 Sat 19-Feb-22 21:20:29

Thank you. Now to research travel insurance!

Katie59 Sat 19-Feb-22 21:24:34


Thank you. Now to research travel insurance!

USA likely to be expensive insurance

storynanny Sat 19-Feb-22 21:46:43

I’m planning on a visit to see my son in USA when the weather warms up! Been a while since I was able to see him but expecting to still need Covid tests, Esta etc.
Going to Singapore in March to see eldest son and the paperwork for that trip is immense.
To give you an rough idea of insurance, we have gone for a multi trip year long policy including USA. For the two us, over 65 and with asthma declared, the cost is £350 for the year.

Pat85 Sat 19-Feb-22 22:11:19

Storynanny this is very helpful, Thankyou.
Hoping to travel to a family wedding.
Not sure if I can ask for insurance recommendations on this site.

Mollygo Sat 19-Feb-22 22:30:15

Well we tried compare the Meerkat, for annual multi trip insurance, but every quote on there was more expensive than Avanti. I’ve looked on several now but DH wants to try the Post Office, so I’m still collecting quotes. Good luck

Santiago55555 Fri 04-Mar-22 14:58:31

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Sago Fri 04-Mar-22 15:54:46

Our SIL arrived in Miami yesterday for a business trip.
He said it was seamless.
The sun is shining there and he is a happy man.

AGAA4 Fri 04-Mar-22 16:03:36

Lucky you! Go and enjoy it.

GiavaniMallari Tue 24-May-22 12:42:47

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