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Packing for a multi destination holiday.

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Rosiebee Wed 03-Aug-22 13:10:14

All fingers crossed that this holiday will happen. We're off in a few weeks and the holiday includes an Alaskan cruise and touring in Canada. We'll be away for 3 weeks with lots of 2 nights here, three nights there stops. We're in our 70s, on our own and will have 1 suitcase each + backpacks. We're so looking forward to it as it was all cancelled in 2020. Dilemma is what to pack. Just purchased 2 sets of packing cubes which should help organisation. Torn between overpacking cold weather/waterproof clothes for cruise - + a few evening outfits - and everyday stuff for the rest of the holiday. Any experiences of this type of trip or any tips would be really welcome. We're going to mix stuff in the cases for the flight but after that we'll each have our own things in one case.

ginny Wed 03-Aug-22 15:51:05

It is difficult to know what to take. We did a similar trip a few years ago. Arrived in bright sunshine. Woke next morning to 4 inches of snow. Stood on the ships balcony in t-shirts the next day. This was in September.
I think you have to prepare layers to be sure of comfort. Also something very warm just in case.
Not sure if that is very helpful but enjoy the trip.

Lathyrus Wed 03-Aug-22 16:11:56

I’ve been on an Alaskan cruise and also spent some time in Canada beyond the Arctic Circle., August/September. I do remember standing beside the Ocean and thinking “I bet it’s lovely here in the Summer. Oh……”

Definitely a windproof, waterproof Cagoule and some good walking boots. I took a down jacket which I could wear under the cagoule. I had my waterproof lined walking trousers too. Gloves and woolly hat We did a lot of outdoors stuff though.

In contrast the cruise ship, if it is America, will be very hot! Most people wire T-shirts’ and shorts!

Layers I guess, is the answer.

PollyDolly Wed 03-Aug-22 16:19:46

Get weather radar app on you device and research the forecast temperatures in most of the destinations, that should give you a general idea.

Personally, I would travel in the heaviest, bulkiest footwear and jacket. Dress in layers for comfort too. And don't forget, there's always a supermarket around somewhere so you can buy that forgotten tee shirt.

Have a great holiday!

Rosiebee Wed 03-Aug-22 18:55:22

I will probably be getting on the plane looking like Michelin Man who ate all the pies. I'm hoping that after the cruise, which I've read can be cold and wet, the weather will more Autumnal. I'll cope better with that than when it's too hot. I'm probably overthinking it all. Will have a practice pack next week.

Lathyrus Wed 03-Aug-22 19:12:44

It is fabulous. Glaciers, whales, seals, bears, forests, mountains. You’ll have the best time ever. ?

Norah Wed 03-Aug-22 19:22:56

We wear thin down vest, heavy down coat, hiking boots onto the plane, take the outerwear off and stow above. Pack gloves, hats, layer for under jeans, thin warmer LS Tshirts, jeans, SS Tshirts, a nice jumper and trousers for evening.

We love Alaska, Canada, and the cool crisp air. Animals!

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Aug-22 20:21:57

I’d definitely pack thermals, long sleeved and leggings, they’re light and take little space, roll up and stick inside shoes.
Enjoy the trip.

Nannagarra Wed 03-Aug-22 21:39:01

Lots of two nights here, three nights there stops provides the opportunity for your clothes to be washed - by hand or professionally.
It cuts down packing, repacking to move to another destination and makes life far easier - something I’ve learned over the years.
Layering clothes might help you.

CanadianGran Wed 03-Aug-22 23:23:17

We may be a stop on your cruise along the north coast of BC. We are in Prince Rupert. Currently it's 13 Celsius and drizzly, but last night we were in shorts and sleeveless top; it was around 25c.

Windproof and waterproof jacket with hood, don't bother with an umbrella. Depending on your activities I don't know that you'll need waterproof trousers, but being out on the ocean can be very cool, so some light gloves tucked into your pockets may be a good idea. I wouldn't bother with hiking boots unless you are actually hiking. Some good walking shoes should suffice.

The interior and south of BC have been extremely hot - up to 40 celcius, so summertime clothing is recommended as well.

I think even though you are on a cruise, dining here is more casual, so you may get away with smart casual rather than more formal attire.

That is a bit of a challenge! Try to colour coordinate your wardrobe so it is flexible.

I have a basic packing rule of 5 bottoms, 7 tops and 3 second-layer tops, plus a dress or two. I try to make sure all the bottoms and tops will go with each other.

I was also just away for 3 weeks. my five bottoms were blue jeans, white jeans, 3 shorts. I only wore the jeans on my first and last day, the rest of the time was in shorts, but if it was cool I could have worn the two jeans on repeat. 7 tops were 5 sleeveless and 2 t-shirts, and my 3 second layers were a dressy cardigan, a casual zip hoodie and a windbreaker. I also packed two summer dresses, and two swimsuits. I never felt like I was missing anything.

Good luck and have fun!

Baggytrazzas Wed 03-Aug-22 23:35:53

Hi, Rosiebee , would it be possible for you to hire some of the bulkier or heavier outerwear where you actually need it rather than taking it with you?

One cruise we were on had arranged at various stops for evening wear to be hired and then dropped off again at a later stop. The ship organised it in conjunction with local businesses. Meant that people didn't have to pack too many clothes and could wear something different.

Also we went to Finland, beyond the arctic circle, and although we wore our own footwear for comfort, we hired the specialist outerwear as we felt that ours probably wasn't up to the conditions. That was organised via our travel agent and booked prior to the trip. It was picked up and waiting for us to change into at each venue.

You could ask the cruise line or your travel agent if anything similar could be arranged. I wouldn't normally hire clothing but everything was clean and perfect for the conditions, and it saved us a lot of money and inconvenience of lugging too much stuff around.

Susiewakie Sat 12-Nov-22 14:00:43

It was cold and wet on our alaskan cruise torrential rain at every port. Usa and Canda did the train was lovely weather hot for time of year