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How to spend Evenings in Liverpool

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Granny23 Thu 04-Aug-22 22:19:26

Nearer to the end of the month my Dsis and I are venturing to Liverpool on a 5 day/4night coach trip. We have a very full itinerary for the daytime but there seems to be nothing planned for the evenings and no entertainment in our (city centre overlooking the Docks) hotel. I'm wondering if any Scouse Grans could recommend somewhere worth going in the evening, after dinner, suitable for two mid 70s widows?

Zonne Thu 04-Aug-22 22:38:36

Beatleweek is at the end of the month, and has some evening events

lilypollen Thu 04-Aug-22 23:08:46

You have to go to Mathew Street, Cavern Club and buzzing bar next door. Lots of youngsters but also us lot from the 60s. Enjoy.

RayArt Thu 04-Aug-22 23:15:08

Wreckfish restaurant is excellent and FACT Picturehouse for cinema.

Zoejory Thu 04-Aug-22 23:19:20

Alma de Cuba is one of my favourite restaurants there. The building alone is just fabulous.

Have a great time smile

Kate1949 Fri 05-Aug-22 10:26:46

This Beatles nut loves Liverpool and not just for the Beatles connection. Our daughter and son in law love it too. Their favourite restaurant is Hanover Street Social.

Granny23 Fri 05-Aug-22 11:17:15

Thanks very much for the suggestions. We will have breakfast and dinner in our hotel each day but some days will be looking for a lunch spot. We travel home on the Friday but the Thursday night at the Cavern Club and Bar looks right up our street. Hope there will be room to dance. Getting excited for the trip but only moderately - I find excitement a bit too close to panic grin

glammanana Fri 05-Aug-22 12:18:42

Albert Dock is a must for all visitors so much to see,look in at The Beatles Story whilst there brings back memories of the time.

Penny Lane has some fabulous little shops and cafe's well worth a visit and jump on the ferry for a trip on The Mersey thats a must for all visitors.

You will love the old buildings so enjoy the time you are here I shall be in L'pool for end of August to browse around the bars for Beatles week so many visitors come for the music that week from all over the world its vibrant. Enjoy your time here.

Kate1949 Fri 05-Aug-22 12:24:55

Are you a Beatles fan Granny23? I loved going into The Grapes pub on Matthew Street (is it now McCartney Street or was that just temporary?). You can sit in the same seat where the Beatles sat and have your picture taken there with the picture of them sitting there on the wall above you. If that makes sense!

Granny23 Fri 05-Aug-22 12:37:05

The Beatles Story and Ferry across the Mersey are both included in our package, along with a guided coach tour of Liverpool and another to Southport. We have one afternoon free in Liverpool - A browse in Penny Lane sounds ideal for that time. Thanks again for brilliant suggestions - I'm so glad I asked on GN

Chewbacca Fri 05-Aug-22 13:05:27

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Liverpool Empire Theatre have full seasonal programmes.

Jane43 Fri 05-Aug-22 13:17:06

When you are in Albert Dock take a look at the wonderful statues of The Beatles and there is also one of Billy Fury if you are old enough to remember him.

Granny23 Fri 05-Aug-22 17:41:13

Jane23 Billy Fury? Of course I remember him. Half Way to Paradise, Teenager in Love, & best of all, A thousand Stars. Saw him live in a local hall. We were under age for entry but my Dad & the Hall Keeper were pals and we were allowed to sneak in on the balcony.

grannydarkhair Fri 05-Aug-22 20:35:35

If you’re into art, then a visit to the Walker Gallery is well worth it. You can view online, but that’s nowhere as satisfying as actually standing in front of a painting or walking around a sculpture imo.
My daughter and g’son had a holiday in Liverpool a few years ago, they both loved it. I haven’t visited since the late 80s when my chum moved back to Scotland.

Kate1949 Fri 05-Aug-22 20:46:02

My daughter sent me a photo of herself with the Billy Fury statue. I said 'How lovely'. She said 'By the way who is he?'. grin

Granny23 Sat 27-Aug-22 09:53:45

Many thanx to all the Liverpudlians who posted suggestions. We had 5 days/4 nights in Liverpool and had a wonderful time doing all the touristy things - the ferry trip, some of the museums, both of the Cathedrals, an afternoon in Southport and on the last day had £10 all day passes to the Cavern Club where we heard 6 bands. Also enjoyed some really good buskers. Best of all though was all the people we met. Liverpool seems to be like Glasgow where the people are very helpful and love to have a prolonged chat. In one of the cafes we asked for two burgers but were told that they did not have burgers but if we would like to order Beergers they had plenty of those grin. We loved your city - especially the people.

Elless Sat 27-Aug-22 10:29:19

Liverpool is a great city and you really should make another visit, there is so much history and fascinating things to learn and do. Did you manage to visit Port Sunlight on the Wirral?, it is absolutely beautiful there and, of course, one of the places in Liverpool where Peaky Blinders was filmed. Glad you enjoyed it but please come back.

CatsCatsCats Sat 27-Aug-22 10:59:25

I second the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the Empire Theatre for the evening if they have anything on that appeals to you.

I'm not sure whether it will be open in the evening, but if you take a trip to the Central Library, near to Walker Art Gallery, just step inside and look upwards - I love the architectural design inside.