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Are you coming to Cornwall?

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rubysong Wed 10-Aug-22 09:27:36

Be aware that we have loads of jellyfish around the coast at the moment. We went to a couple of beaches on the south coast in the last few days and there were jellyfish at all of them. It quite put me off having a swim. On the north coast lots have been washing up on the beaches.

aggie Wed 10-Aug-22 09:34:51

Same in Connemara , DD and youngest went for a surfing lesson and there were lots of jellyfish, the instructor said they weren’t the dangerous ones and that most of the stingers had been knocked off in a recent storm ,

Shinamae Wed 10-Aug-22 09:38:21

And loads of spider crabs in the shallow waters of St Ives at the moment shedding their shells before moving out to deeper water..??

henetha Wed 10-Aug-22 09:39:06

May I mention Weever fish as well. There's lots on Devon beaches. They lie under the sand and sting the bottom of your feet, so wear jelly shoes or similar. The sting is very painful, excruciating apparently.

utterbliss Wed 10-Aug-22 09:40:03

Thanks rubysong for letting us know. Can ask which beaches have you been to?

rubysong Wed 10-Aug-22 13:12:46

We saw jellyfish last week at Seaton (Cornwall), Porthleven and the little beach below Glendurgan Gardens. So basically all along the south coast and BBC news says they are washing up along the North coast of Cornwall.