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Half way round the world

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NanaCB Sun 21-Aug-22 14:08:03

I know that many Gransnetters have family abroad so I’d be grateful for suggestions on a midway point between the U.K. and New Zealand for a multigenerational family reunion. It would have to be April to fit in with different school holidays. The three grandchildren are 15, 8 and 5, my husband and I are in our 70s and 80s and still fairly fit. We’ve already thought of Malaysia and Mexico but I’d love to hear any other ideas.

LOUISA1523 Sun 21-Aug-22 17:36:02 can do a couple of islands if you wanted.

ayse Sun 21-Aug-22 17:46:34

My family all met up in Thailand from both the UK and NZ. We stayed close by each other but on different residences. We had a wonderful holiday where we did things together and separately.

Have a wonderful time wherever you decide to go.

Lathyrus Sun 21-Aug-22 18:01:26

A bit off beam but have you considered South America. Chile can be reached by both of you and the outdoor activities are fantastic.

Or if you’re flush a trip to Antarctica would be a once in a lifetime?

NanaCB Sun 21-Aug-22 21:23:28

Thank you for the interesting suggestions. I’ll see what the family think of them.

Mapleleaf Sun 21-Aug-22 21:40:59

Singapore is another option.

Mapleleaf Sun 21-Aug-22 21:42:08

Oh, and North America. Boston or San Francisco for example.

Callistemon21 Sun 21-Aug-22 22:21:02

Singapore and Langkawi - city sights then beautiful beaches

Callistemon21 Sun 21-Aug-22 22:22:39

I see you've already thought of Malaysia but a two centre holiday might have something for everyone.