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Northern Portugal, Porto and Douro Valley area- any great tips?

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Fleurpepper Wed 31-Aug-22 16:35:10

We are planning a trip to Northern Portugal, hopefully in June next year.

Any tips would be welcome. Is it possible to go up the Douro by boat, and come back down by train?


Sago Wed 31-Aug-22 17:08:19

Yes it is we did the trip.It was OK, not particularly interesting.
The highlight of our stay was dinner at Taylor’s Port House.
Here’s the link.

Norah Wed 31-Aug-22 18:46:20

"J.K. Rowling's HP World was Inspired by Portugal in Surprising Ways."

"Potter fans know the story by heart: If it weren't for a delayed train, J.K. Rowling may have never created Harry Potter."

We took some GC to see the HP bits. We loved HP as well.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 31-Aug-22 19:18:06

We went to Porto in late June several years ago for the festival of St John (2023 I think it’s the 23/6) fabulous fireworks, pop up restaurants and music, busy but brilliant.

Fleurpepper Wed 31-Aug-22 19:20:30

Thanks all. And thanks for the warning GG13- we prefer to see places when they are not too busy, so will go earlier to avoid festival and also cheaper prices, as they tend to go up so much when special events on.